Belt of fidelity for men

Women increasingly want to control their men. And they succeed. Under the control of the weak half is also male dignity, which causes sensible people to give negative feedback. A man is very unlucky if he finds himself in these shackles. Even if it's on the weekend or a bit longer. As usual, a woman needs a guarantee that her elect will be deprived of sexual opportunity 100%. Imagine that a person needs to wear uncomfortable adaptations. Usually they are made of steel, and it is good if it is stainless.

Whatever they say about the hygiene of these devices, you can ask how "it" can all be hygienic? This belt for several days could not be removed, with all the ensuing consequences. In addition, this belt is suggested to be washed from the syringe, with water through special openings. Disgusted people find it hard to imagine all this, and not what to wear. When you wear this belt, it causes depression. After all, this is not only mistrust, but attitude, as a slave. In addition, the belt of fidelity can not be worn for more than a certain period. Metal would rub against the skin, the genitals and along with the contamination in this place, it could cause blood poisoning and damage to the external genitalia.

It is difficult to say how necessary these accessories are? When a woman puts the question squarely, the man has almost no choice and it is necessary to decide. But there is still a chance to solve everything amicably.

If a woman wants this way to get a guarantee that the man is faithful to her, and the man agrees to everything voluntarily, then this is a topic from the field of "sadomasochism". Situations are different, and everyone has secret attachments.

Belt of fidelity today

Belt of loyalty can be of different types, and before making this purchase, you need to decide. This is done by mutual consent and to save the relationship will have to shell out about $ 150, or even more. It's worth thinking about whether you need this? With this money you can buy something useful. Your chosen one will be only glad that you trust him, and in the future this will have a good effect on relations.

In our time, the belt of loyalty is purchased in various sex shops and is used in sadomasochistic games. In Indonesia, some massage parlors masseuse on the recommendation of the administration wear the belts of fidelity, so that visitors understand that this salon is not provided with intimate services. And belts of fidelity are being made, not as previously made of metal, but from more hygienic and soft materials.