Best BB cream

Each girl seeks for herself such cosmetics, which completely would correspond to her requirements. Most often we want one cosmetic product to be multifunctional. And thanks to modern achievements it is possible. For example, one of these is BB cream. It is a remedy that helps to mask all the skin imperfections.

Initially, this cream was ointment, which was intended for the recovery of the skin after plastic surgery. A little later it was perfected by make-up artists and began to be used as a concealer, primer, fluid, matting and moisturizing cream. Now this cream is known all over the world and is used by huge popularity at many modern women.

In each store you can find BB and so it is very difficult to determine the choice. After all, many companies began to produce this tool. In this article, we briefly describe the most popular creams of BB, their properties, advantages and disadvantages. We hope that our article will help you in your choice.

VV-cream from Gauche

This cream promises: protection from UV radiation, a stable coating, natural skin color, stimulation of elastin and collagen production, increased smoothness and elasticity of the skin, as well as a reduction in wrinkles.

Actually. The girls who tested this cream were satisfied. When choosing a shade, you need to be afraid. Even if you take a shade darker than your skin, there is no fear. The cream perfectly adapts to the pigmentation of the skin. Due to its velvety structure, it is easily applied and distributed, does not leave traces. This remedy perfectly aligns the tone of the face. A pleasant bonus for the owners of combined skin is the absence of greasy shine throughout the current.

However, there are some small drawbacks. First, the cream does not have perfume fragrances, because of this it smells like gouache or paint. Secondly, after its application, a slight tightening of the skin is felt. This is due to the fact that anti-aging pull-up components are present in the cream. Therefore, it is recommended to apply it to a moisturizer.

VV-cream Age Defense from Clinics

This cream promises: moisturizing the skin, protecting against UV rays, visually hide skin imperfections, eliminate fat gloss, reduce wrinkles and smooth out the relief of the face.

Actually. Kremkorosh in that it can be applied immediately after washing instead of day cream. Due to its soft and light texture, it is applied easily. The cream is absolutely imperceptible on the skin, and the face is moistened all day. Due to the fact that it consists of iron oxide, zinc and silicon, the activity of grease is well regulated, and you can not worry about the greasy shine on the skin.

As a tonal tool, Age Defense is just as good. The cream perfectly masks all the shortcomings of skin, even inflammation. Another advantage is that it perfectly adapts to your skin tone.

VV-cream Flaxitone from Dr. Brandt

This cream promises: to adjust to the color of the skin, moisturize it, protect it from ultraviolet light, help smooth wrinkles and give the skin a healthy radiance.

Actually. Creamy to smell and has a light texture. He lays down on the skin evenly and masks all visible defects in the form of wrinkles, dilated pores and redness. Thanks to the dispenser, the product is consumed sparingly. Also to the advantages of BB-Cream Flakesinton is its resistance. However, it is removed only with the help of milk to remove makeup.

By cons can only be attributed to the fact that the cream is poorly adjusted to the skin color. Therefore, it is better to choose shades that are close to your natural color. In addition, it is worthwhile to note that its price is still quite high - more than 500 hryvnia. The cream does not fully justify it.

BB-Garnier cream "Secret perfection" for mixed and oily skin

This cream promises: elimination of skin imperfections, moisturizing, sun protection, elimination of fat, radiance skin and smoothing of its tone.

Actually. Despite the fact that Garnier belongs to a number of mass-market cosmetics and has a very high price, this cream is able to give odds to many of the luxury products. The medication is applied easily and very quickly absorbed. There are no strong perfume fragrances in it. After applying BB, Garnier cream melts on the skin and smooths the complexion well. Excellent hides visible videnostatki skin: redness, acne, wrinkles. After application, there is no effect of the mask and a feeling of tightness, and the skin becomes velvety.

The only drawback of this miracle cream can be attributed to the fact that by the end of the day it begins to shine a little, but it is easy to eliminate with the help of powder. Cream from Garnier is the perfect combination of quality and price.

VV Nud Magic Cream from L'Oreal

This cream promises: perfect relief and smoothness of the skin, smooth tone, natural radiance, moisturizing for 24 hours, sun protection and imperceptible coating.

Actually. For owners of sensitive and dry skin, this cream is not suitable. Cream is a pigmentation capsules, which, upon contact with the skin, gradually acquire its color. It is odorless and very light. This cream is more suitable for women over 35 years - it perfectly reduces the number of wrinkles, makes them less visible and aligns the face relief. It is applied evenly throughout the day well, no need to additionally use the powder.

VV Cream Illuminating Anti-aging SPF 20 from Lumine

This cream promises: moisturizing and healthy skin radiance, protection from the sun, preventing the appearance of signs of aging, eliminating skin imperfections and smoothing out the naturalton.

Actually. It cremates a light and delicate texture with a gentle citrus tint. It perfectly masks redness, pimples, fine wrinkles and works on the relief of the face. During the day, this BB cream keeps perfectly, it does not spin and there is no greasy shine from it.

VV-cream "Pearls Ikra" Ernaud

This cream promises: deep moisturizing of the skin, fight against signs of skin aging, protection from ultra-violet rays, a homogeneous skin tone, masking redness and aligning the skin's relief.

Actually. The cream consists of: pearls, silicon, caviar, hyaluronic acid. Consistency, it is thick, but despite this, the skin falls well. No effect of the mask. Perfectly masks imperfections of the skin. The product does not dry the skin, but has a slight disadvantage - after 6 hours starts to shine. However, it is easy to fix with powder.

VV-cream Dream Drash "Instant Shine" from Maybellin New York

This cream promises: moisturizing, smoothness, radiance of the skin, protection from ultraviolet and absence of fatty shine.

Actually. Creams a light helium structure. It is well distributed around the perimeter of the face. Thanks to the active ingredients that are contained in the Dream, Fresh skin is well moisturized and matted. The cream perfectly conceals wrinkles, smooths the relief of the face and removes the peeling.

However, to completely hide the redness or acne, you must also use powder. It is worth noting that this cream is lying perfectly. The cream can be used as a make-up base.