Best friends of girls: women's perfumes, which always remain in fashion

At all times, the beautiful ladies tried not only to look good, but also to smell pleasantly. They rubbed their body with essential oils, splashed with perfume, soaked the hair with an aromatic mixture and all this in order to look even more attractive in the eyes of beloved men. So there are fragrances that do not lose their relevance over the years and have long been recognized as world classics. Buying such a perfume, you seem to fix the title "The most stylish and charming" and you can be sure that it will not let you down. We offer you a rating of women's perfumes, which always remain in fashion, despite its volatility and capriciousness.

Frenchwomen - legislators of perfumed fashion

Paris is not only the main fashionable capital of the world, but also the birthplace of unsurpassed French spirits. The French women themselves possess an innate sense of style and are recognized as fashion legislators for elite perfume, so it is not surprising that most classical flavors refer to famous French brands. So what kind of perfumes do French women prefer and what do they primarily value in a huge variety of flavors?

As recent surveys have shown, the favorite brand of perfume in French women is the firm Guerlain - a brand with a history, the perfume of which was made for the representatives of the royal family. Then follows the world-famous brands: Dior, Chanel, YvesSaintLauren, Lancome, NinaRicci.

If we talk about the fragrances themselves, the French women give preference to the spirits with fruit and floral-woody notes. To differ their preferences and depending on the time of the year. So, in autumn and winter, perfumes with a thick sweetish smell and oriental tart notes become more popular. For example, spirits in which there are sharp woody notes, aromas of the Turkish rose, amber, musk and jasmine. Unlike the cold season, in the spring and summer, French women choose lighter and fresh fruity-citrus fruits and floral smells. For example, the spirits with notes are very popular at this time: lemon, orange, grapefruit, bergamot, mandarin, jasmine, rose, peony, vanilla.

The best women's perfume: the rating of classic fragrances

As it is easy to guess, the French perfumers are out of competition, so the top spirits that do not lose their relevance over the years include such famous brands as Chanel, Gucci and Nina Ricci.

Deserved first place went to the famous spirits Chanel number 5. The legendary fragrance from Chanel can not be confused with anything. Already for 90 years (just think about it!), He continues to conquer women with his delicious bouquet. Marilyn Monroe herself was a bright fan of Chanel number 5. Time goes by, and the girls continue to enjoy this delicious scent and win the hearts of men all over the world.

The second place went to the Gucci Guilty flavor, designed for lovers of beautiful life and glamor. Soft fruit aroma of mandarin, peach, interlaced with a floral composition of a lily, geraniums, seasoned with red pepper, perfectly emphasizes the dignity of its owner and helps conquer any man.

And, finally, the third line for the equally famous brand Nina Ricci and its famous fragrance Nina. This perfume is suitable for romantic middle-aged ladies. It is filled with magical smells of lemon, apple, musk, peony and praline. All together they create a bizarre picture, mixing modernity and classics, emphasizing the sensuality and sexuality of a girl.