Bewitched and enchanted: how to create an image of a witch for Halloween

The image, without which virtually no celebration of the All Saints Day - a witch. And this is the rare case when several witches caught up in one party do not resent the similarity of each other, but continue to amicably have fun in the style of a real witch coven. Yes, and why quarrel, because the image of the witch is so multifaceted that the probability of meeting two absolutely identical costumes is negligible. And incredible charisma, magical power, sexual appearance make dark sorceries one of the most popular characters of Halloween.

How to create a female image of a witch for Halloween

The conditionally popular variants of the image of the dark sorceress can be divided into 3 groups:

Let's consider each of them in more detail. For seductive witches, frank outfits are characteristic: tight-fitting dresses, short skirts, corsets, deep decollete, high heels. Their makeup is also quite sexy: expressive red lips, smokey-ice, false eyelashes.

The basis for creating the Disney image are witches from popular cartoons. Green skin, make-up in blue-green-black tones, a long dress with a ragged hem and high collar - here is an exemplary list of the fairy-tale witch attributes.

But still the most suitable for the evening of all the saints is the last option - the image of the old ugly witch. This character reminds us all of the familiar Babu Yaga: a hooked nose, warts, broomsticks and rags that were once a dress.

Which of the following images to choose for Halloween depends only on your imagination. We only note that the general details for all variants are: pointed hat, dark hair, long nails, shoes with sharp socks, as well as decor in the form of cobwebs, bats, snakes and black cats.

Little witch: the image of a witch for Halloween for a girl

The image of a witch on Halloween is popular among small girls. Moreover, it is not difficult to create it at home. All that is needed for the costume of a young witch: a pointed hat, a dark dress, striped leggings and a broom. Instead of a dress, a black golf with a puffy skirt made of tulle, which, by the way, can be made with your own hands. For this it is enough to fix the short lengths of tulle black, blue and green colors around the gum belt. As a basis for make-up, you can use green shadows, mixed with a tonal basis and blue lipstick. Also, the face of the child can be decorated with cobwebs or silhouettes of bats, black cat.

Particular attention should be paid to children's shoes. She must be on a low heel with a big buckle and sharp twisting socks.