How to seduce a man in a voice

It has long been known that women love with ears, and men with eyes. This is indeed so. But it is worth remembering that the female voice is also very important for the male perception. The manner of speech and the timbre of the voice will complement the female image in the male performance. Let's consider what types of voice really attract attention and make you listen and listen, and which type on the contrary is completely repulsive.

One of the writers, in one of his works, concluded that the voice, the low-tonality, which gives the so-called velvety voice, is more attractive and sexy. Men lead such a type of voice into rapture, because how can not deliver the pleasure of a voice full of confidence and self-sufficiency. The owner of this type, creates an image inaccessible and unperturbed, which is the cause of increasing interest from the male side.

A voice with a breath is counted in a sexy voice. This kind of voice excites men, since the breath present in the voice does not verbalize the signal that the man interested her sexually.

But a voice with high tonality causes in the men's association with adolescence, a woman with a similar voice seems to him impure and contradictory. But if, in the way of the owner of such a voice, there will be a man who is responsible and courageous, capable in their relations to assume the role of a father, then their union will be strong and indestructible.

Also the repelling role in the tone of the voice is played by the loudness of the cutting. The fact is that this tone speaks about the presence of strength and steadfastness in the character of this woman. Such a woman is characterized by such qualities as leadership, authority, constant control. As a rule, men dislike when someone tries to control them. But, another thing, if on the way of a representative of this type of voice, there will be a man who is indecisive, and the demand in the leader, then, of course, they will have a strong union.

First date

To seduce a man with a voice, which is characterized by strong personality traits, you need to have a measured and calm speech. A voice-shaped form will tell you about what a man with a similar temperament is looking for in a woman. This is insecurity, the need for care and guardianship, the need for an intercessor. A woman who has such a speech has a fragile and unprotected status that does not verbally encourage a man to take care of and care for her. Such a speech should be measured calm. It is important to use adjectives and comparative turns, while all used movements must be under control.

If there was a meeting with a soft and compliant young man, it is necessary, on the contrary, to show strength and confidence in his voice. Type-reproduced speech should be delivered and clear. Also necessary is the presence of emotionality. A glance at the moment of speech also matters, it must correspond to speech in all senses. The view must be confident and clear.

Enchant a man of your dreams will help you mature speech. The talk "without stopping" is unlikely to help you. It is necessary to endure pauses, since it is believed that a man perceives information heard from the lips of a woman for twenty seconds, everything that is over lost interest, so it is necessary to distinguish your speech. Also, it is worth noting that it is not less important to be able to listen than to be able to speak. Line up your conversation in such a way that the man has the opportunity to express his or her opinion, which you must certainly listen to and evaluate. Compliments to men will never hurt.

Robust speech repels

A quiet, insecure woman, it is very difficult to attract attention to yourself. One and not a little important for that is caused by the lack of correct speech. Inarticulate and uncertain speech discourages muzhchin.

The same applies to women, who in words revolve that the least like to listen to men. These are complaints about their lives, persistent and unresolved problems.

It is also worth noting that too confident and assertive speech will only cause irritation to the men. And all because in the companion a strong sex, as a rule, is looking for softness and softness. And here everything turns out exactly the opposite.

A man will forever be attached to a woman who has a smooth and to some extent calming speech. And if for all this she has a low voice, then such a woman is very lucky.