Boots in the style of American cowboys

One of the pleasures in the life of the weaker sex is footwear. For someone the choice of the next pair is convenience in everyday use, and for someone it is a tribute to fashion. Is it worth reminding that the lower legs and knees are the sexiest parts of the female legs? Namely boots attract attention to them.

In the modern world it is difficult to imagine a woman whose wardrobe does not have several pairs of shoes of different styles and styles: half-boots or boots, boots on a small heel or without a heel ... But how else? A stylish woman should be well-chosen accessories and shoes.

The appearance of new styles occurs with the addition of decor elements to already existing areas. Among fashionistas in demand, practical boots in the style of American cowboys, belonging to the direction of "western", which occupies a special niche in the collections of leading fashion designers. The roots of the history of their production go to the plains of North America of the 19th century, and, according to some theories, to the Spanish conquistadors of the 17th century. Boots for riding were appreciated not only by American cowboys, but also by riders from Mongolia to Hungary. And this is understandable, practicality is always high (a narrow sock allows you to put the boot into the stirrup, and a little beveled inward heel helps fix the leg)! In Russia this style of boots appeared thanks to Peter I in the 18th century. And originally cowboy boots were intended for the military, but eventually managed to conquer the hearts of ladies.

Boots in the style of American cowboys for four centuries firmly consolidated their positions in the lives of women and continue to evoke interest in a combination of elegance and comfort. Shoemakers, creating them for cowboys, who spend most of their time riding, were able to combine all the best qualities of shoes, which is quite important today. At a pace of a dynamic world, women need to keep up everywhere and at the same time attract the attention of the opposite sex. This can not be done without a moving and exciting gait. The ease and ease of movement directly depends on the shoes chosen. Many researchers argue that by shoes a person can tell a lot about the character traits, tastes, interests, owner's wealth. No wonder there is an opinion: you want to change yourself - change your shoes! Modern fashion designers understand and satisfy the desire of a woman to buy not only comfortable shoes, elegant, giving charm and elegance, but also that she is different from that of colleagues in the office. Designers emphasize the beauty of women's legs perform the vagaries of ladies, playing with color, decor, fabric texture, harmoniously combining traditional forms and spectacular accents. And even the cold retreat before the charm of comfort and coziness. This they say that the boots in the style of American cowboys are not only an interesting past, but also a promising future.

To booties in the style of American cowboys, emphasizing the beauty of the feet, it is not difficult to pick out the outfit even for the most solemn occasions in life. Their combination with accessories such as bag, belt in the tone of the direction of "western" will make its owner charming, maintain style and irresistibility, and also give convenience and practicality. Women of Western style propagandize freedom, strength, self-confidence, relaxedness, passion and special sexuality. These are women who know what they want and go through life with a firm, firm step! What kind of a man will this leave you indifferent? .. Everyone wants to spend a look, thus touching the beautiful ... And involuntarily a phrase comes from everyone's favorite k / f "Office romance": It's the shoes that make a woman a Woman ...