Broken nails and thin hair

On the skin there were "blots", and the nails became brittle? So the body gives us clues about what it lacks for well-coordinated work.

Broken nails and thin hair - a sign of lack of calcium.

Young moms, with their heads immersed in domestic chores, should sometimes remember themselves. Do not dismiss such "trifles" as suddenly appeared pimples or vascular asterisks. This is your body gives you a sign - I do not have enough of these or other useful substances! Therefore do not leave unattended alarms and revise your diet. This will not only get rid of annoying flaws in your beauty, but also strengthen your health. Who among us does not dream of dense and magnificent hair, ideal skin, smooth and strong nails? But nature has other priorities, above all it cares about our immunity, the nervous system and internal organs, sending there most of the nutrients that enter the body. Beauty came from the role of stepdaughter, who has to live according to the residual principle of distribution of vitamins and minerals. But first try to decipher SOS-signals, which from time to time feeds your body.

Signal # 1: Acne

If the body suddenly starts to produce a lot of sebum, and the process of exfoliating the skin cells is accelerated, then the appearance of acne can not be avoided. Solve this problem must be integrated. Vitamin A helps to regulate the activity of sebaceous glands, vitamin B6 will reduce the activity of testosterone, the culprit of "untidy" skin, and vitamin C will take on the fight with bacteria, which will prevent further spread of acne .Zinc will stop the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone - trigger mechanism of acne. , zinc reduces inflammation in the skin Tip: Instead of meat, eat fish, the omega-3 fatty acids in it stimulate the production of prostaglandin, which is useful for the skin, but arachidone Vai acid present in meat, by contrast, can provoke inflammation. Do not forget about the products that are rich in plant fibers (fruits, vegetables, especially cabbage and beans). Avoid chocolate, mayonnaise, nuts, citrus fruits, alcohol.

Signal # 2: Dark spots and strange wrinkles

In the premature aging of the skin, ultraviolet rays are mainly to blame. Effective protection against the aggression of the sun will create provitamin A, vitamins C and E in combination with zinc. This "mix" will not only improve the condition of the connective tissue, but also discolor the pigment spots. Tip: Vitamin E is indispensable in combating age spots.) Open the capsule with vitamin E and treat its contents with problem areas.

Signal # 3: Miles

This pearly white pimples (cysts) appear around the eyes, on the nose and on the forehead. It is believed that they arise because of problems in the fat metabolism of the body. Tip: Eliminate the fat and fat from the menu, which have been heat treated, they contribute to the blockage of the sebaceous glands. The best remedy for "manga" on the face - foods containing vitamins A, C, D, E and B-complex, as well as calcium.

Signal # 4: Vascular asterisks

Occur due to weakened blood vessels. Vitamin C, rutin (found in buckwheat), bioflavonoids (found in fleshy fruits) and anthocyanidins (in red and blue berries) will strengthen the walls of the vessels.

Signal # 5: Hair loss

Keratin is the basis of hair, protein is necessary for its formation. If hair falls out, first of all you should take care of the intake of proteins in the body, and also remember about vitamins B2, B6, C and zinc. The process of assimilation of proteins can be disturbed because of the decreased acidity of gastric juice. Tip: At lunch, eat a serving of salad seasoned with vinegar. So you increase protein digestibility by 40%.

Signal number 6: herpes

The herpes virus is activated when immunity is weakened. Provitamin A, vitamins B6 and C will strengthen the defenses of the body. Vitamin E calms the pain around the rash, will speed up healing. Of the minerals, immunity requires zinc, iron, copper, magnesium and selenium. Advice: The amino acid lysine, which is found in crabs, sea fish, poultry meat, soy, milk, cheese, eggs and legumes, is of particular importance in the fight against viruses.

Signal number 7: cellulite

It arises because of changes in the structure of connective tissue. Strengthen it will help a diet rich in protein, vitamins A, C, Group B, as well as zinc, selenium and calcium. Routine and sulfur compounds (leeks - their main source) activate the blood circulation of cells. Advice: Prefer proteins of vegetable origin and fish proteins, restrict the consumption of animal fats. This will support the process of gradual and moderate burning of fat cells. Fasting is the worst way to get rid of cellulite. Extreme diet contributes to a sharp weakening of connective tissues, enhancing the effect of the "orange peel".

Signal No. 8: Nail defects

Our nails, like skin and hair, directly reflect the work of internal organs. especially the liver, stomach and intestines. If the nails have stopped gladdening and firmness, do not try to "cajole" them, just manicure - make urgent adjustments to the diet (and with an eye on a particular problem.) Broken and stratified nails - a signal of poorly digestible proteins due to decreased acidity of gastric juice We will remind once again that a vegetable salad with dressing from vinegar (and apple can be) will help to solve this problem.

♦ Not enough iron? Nails become colorless, flat and corrugated.

♦ Break and puff up? Hence, in your menu is extremely low calcium or magnesium.

♦ Is the skin around the nails growing? Vitamin A is simply necessary.

♦ Did you see whitish dots or transverse strips on the nails? You absolutely do not have enough zinc!

Tip: Include in your diet foods rich in silicon, it promotes the regeneration and growth of nails. For example, add wheat germ or wheat bran to traditional vegetable salads and, of course, do not forget about the record holder for the content of silicon - Jerusalem artichoke (cook soups and mashed potatoes from it).