Can Dmitry Hvorostovsky defeat cancer?

Cancer in Dmitry Khvorostovsky
Regardless of the amount of money in the bank, the positions held or the people's love, before death and illness all people are equal. The public has not yet had time to calm down after the death of Jeanne Friske, as recently appeared information about the terrible disease of the world famous opera singer Dmitry Hvorostovsky. On June 25, on his official website, the singer announced the cancellation of all upcoming concerts due to the diagnosis of his brain tumor.

How Hvorostovsky learned about the brain tumor

Friends and relatives of the singer said that in recent months the artist has had problems with his health. Dmitry confessed to his father that he was tormented by dizziness and loss of balance. After the diagnosis at the end of June this year, it became clear what was the cause of poor health. The singer was forced to cancel a big opera concert in Munich, as well as all summer concerts.

What stage of the disease and where will Hvorostovsky be treated?

Dmitry has lived in London for several years now. He was treated in one of the best clinics in the British capital, where members of the royal family often address. From the treatment in Russia, as well as from any material assistance, the artist categorically refused. He assured the fans that he was able to pay for his treatment and stay in the clinic. However, it is still unknown what his chances of recovery are. Experts of the British clinic do not give comments yet.

The other day, journalists of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" phoned the father of Dmitry - Alexander Stepanovich. He admitted that his son's speech had been broken, his eyesight had deteriorated, he was thrown from side to side, but he still had no problems with his voice. Alexander Stepanovich did not say what stage of the brain tumor in Hvorostovsky.

According to his father, Dmitry never regretted himself: he performed on the street in severe frost, was always nervous before the concerts, all passed through himself, and one day he got into the hospital with a hemorrhage due to some Korean tablets.

A close friend and producer of Hvorostovsky, Yevgeny Finkelstein, a little encouraged the admirers of Dmitry, saying that the disease was discovered at an early stage. He is sure that treatment in London will give a positive result, and in November the singer will continue his concert activity.

Is there a chance to defeat the tumor?

Since the details of the illness and treatment of the singer are unknown, fans can only guess what the chances of Hvorostovsky. As it became known to the press, Dmitry has a bad heredity: at the age of 55, his aunt died from bone marrow cancer. It happened 20 years ago. However, modern medicine is able to cope with cancer, if the treatment began at the initial stage.

Modern medical practice can name a lot of stars that have won cancer. Among them are Kylie Minogue, Daria Dontsova, Laima Vaikule and Christine Applegate, Joseph Kobzon, Rod Stewart, Michael Douglas, Vladimir Pozner, Robert de Niro.

How does Hvorostovsky feel today?

The singer is optimistic. In a telephone conversation with the journalist of Komsomolskaya Pravda, he said that he feels well. He also wrote words of gratitude to fans in his Facebook: Hvorostovsky is touched by such powerful support and warm words addressed to him, which come from all over the world.

The artist's wife, Florence, and his children are now in London next to Dmitry. According to the wife of the composer Igor Krutoy, Olga, who is close to the family of Khvorostovsky, at the moment the singer spends a lot of time with his relatives.

The artist is actively supported by his colleagues on the stage. Philip Kirkorov wrote a comment in Instagram in support of Dmitry: "Dima - fight! You are strong, you will win! "

Opera singer Dinara Aliyeva, together with whom Khvorostovsky recently spoke, also expressed her support for her colleague. She said that recently she did not notice any disturbing changes in the state of health of the artist. And this means that there is hope, and the chances of recovery are great.

Biography of Dmitry Hvorostovsky

The 52-year-old singer has always been a darling of fate. He quickly achieved glory. In 1989, the artist received the title of "Best Voice" at the TV contest "The Singer of the World" in the UK (on BBC). After that, the leading opera houses of the world dreamed of getting a Russian opera genius, who reinforced the singing talent with an incredibly emotional pitch.

Hvorostovsky performed on the stages Carnegie Hall (New York), Musikverein (Vienna), WigmoreHall (London), Shutley (Paris). He gave solo performances in Europe, Japan, Latin America, Australia, Canada and other countries.