Creative decoration of a children's room

Make a children's room fabulous and functional at the same time is very simple. You will need a little time and simple materials. In such a room, the child will be comfortable and happy to be. Tatyana Makurova in the book "How to equip the nursery" tells how you can fill the children with beautiful and useful things made with your own hands.

  1. Baby's name Kids will learn to write their name faster if they see it often. These can be flags with letters of a name or voluminous textile letters. We suggest you to make a very simple version - the letters of the name from the cardboard, covered with a cloth. Decorative letters can be placed on a bookshelf or hung on a wall, if you make for them eyelets. To form letters, type the name of your baby in large type without serifs in any graphic or text editor on the computer (letters height about 15-20 cm), print and cut out. Circle the letters on the cardboard and cut them out.

    Cover each letter on the back with a double-sided adhesive tape. Do not remove the adhesive tape. Using a glued web, glue the fabric on the front side of the letter. Cut off excess fabric along the contour of the letter, leaving the allowances. Cut them. On the back of the letter, remove the protective film of double-sided adhesive tape and glue the allowances to it. For the reverse side, cut out the part from the fabric in the shape of the letter. Glue it on a double-sided adhesive tape, carefully sew the edges. The letter is ready. Similarly decorate all other letters.

  2. Colored paper curtains This simple reception will make the children's room vibrant and vibrant. Curtains can be cut and sewn by hand. You need color paper and threads or thin ribbons for this. Curtains are elegant and airy. Even in the lightest breeze, they develop beautifully, and if the paper is shiny, the interior of the children's room will look simply unforgettable. It is so - simply and unforgettably at the same time.

    Cut from a colored paper a figure 5-10 centimeters in diameter. It can be circles, clouds, boats. Focus on the taste of your child. For convenience, you can make a template of solid paper. For one strip of such curtains you need 20-25 circles, and for the whole curtains - 15-20 strips. Fix the finished strips with the buttons on the wall above the window or attach to the cornice.
  3. Decorated lampshade White paper lampshades just ask to be painted and decorated! At the same time, you can not only paint the lamp shade yourself, but also make nice thematic pendants. You will need a paper lampshade for the IKEA hanging lamp, acrylic paints, watercolor and corrugated paper, paint tape, sponges for dishes.

    Draw a wavy line on the office paper and cut the sheet over it. So you get two templates. Cut thus enough templates to form a ring just below the "equator" of the paper lampshade. Secure the templates with paint tape. Apply acrylic paint on the lower part of the shade - from dark shades to light ones. Dorisuyte floating on the sea ships. Draw a dense white paper on the fish. Cut them out and color them. And then hang each fish on a string under the shade. Done!

  4. Fairy-tale world in a pot From the flower pot on the window you can make a separate little fairy-tale world if you populate it with snails of felt. They are fixed on long skewers and slyly look out from the greenery of the flowers. The pot is also decorated - it is glued to a snail house. Dissolve two parts of the shell - from orange felt, two parts of the head - from yellow felt, round face - from white. On the details of the shell embroider the spiral with any simple seam. Sew a muzzle to the head and embroider on it dark eyes. Sew your head to the sink. Sew the reverse side and lightly fill the cochlea with a sintepon. Leave a non-sewn hole for the scoop. Insert the skewer and fix it with threads.

    Open and cut out the details of the house. Using a glued web carefully glue them to the base - a piece of felt, and then sew. Cut out this composition and paste on the flower pot with a double-sided scotch.

  5. Restraint for the door "Birdie" Such a limiter is put on the ring on the handle of the door, and the pigtail from the bayonet is thrown onto the opposite handle and wrapped around it. The limiter will not allow the door to slam shut with a strong draft and leave it ajar at night. In addition to the threads you will need: colorful felt, glutinous cobweb, fabric of different colors, two beads for the eyes, a sintepon for stuffing.

    Cut out the details of the bird's base. Using a glued web, glue the green breast to the blue base, and the yellow parts to the wings and tail, respectively. Sew on the contour, grabbing the beak, and fill it with sintepon. Sew eye-beads. Scraps of colored fabrics for braids fold in half along the long side and iron. Then cut the longitudinal sections again to the middle and iron. Sew the sewed beiki along the long side. Fold all the bikes together and fold them in half. At the fold, make a ring, as in the photo, and fasten with a pair of stitches. Tuck the braids into a pigtail and secure the end of the tail with a knot. At the end of each bake, also tie a knot. Sew a bird to a multi-colored ring.

You can create each of these crafts with the child. And in the future he will love his room more, which is filled with such wonderful and bright handmade ornaments. Based on the book "How to equip the nursery."