Dangerous zodiac signs: evaluate your opponent

Astrology, with the right approach, can help more correctly approach many issues. Just find out who is your chosen one by the sign of the Zodiac, and it will be much easier for you to seduce and fall in love with yourself. Well, if using astrology in order to build a relationship with a loved one, only you will use it. But in fact often on the horizon there are rivals who are also ready to use any methods in order to repel you of a man and destroy your relationship.

If there is a rival on the horizon, you can also resort to astrology. The fact is that depending on who your zodiac is to the zodiac, depends not only on her behavior, but also on the seriousness of her intentions. So before you panic and prematurely arrange the scandals, try to find out the sign of the zodiac of the rival, who took a look at your vampire. Thus, you will be able to understand what kind of person she is, whether she should be protected and what her possible plans are.

Air rivals

Representatives of air signs may try to take a stranger out of a man only because of his personal failures at the love front. Air women are very often disappointed, because they give their men unreal qualities, which in practice are not confirmed.

If your opponent is a Zodiac Gemini, do not worry much, because this woman does not take seriously to her hobbies. It is fickle, so instead of fighting with you, it is better to find yourself a new elected one. If your loved one has paid attention to such a woman, then she most likely started talking to him and lured her networks like a Sirene. But do not worry, its pressure will suffice for a long time.

Rival-Libra is diplomatic and has a fairly good intuition, so it can be dangerous. This woman will weave the intrigue, you can not withdraw it to a direct conversation, since Libyans like claims and open attacks. So if you want to get rid of a rival, just show pressure and it will disappear itself to find a man who is not free.

Aquarians very rarely destroy the relationship. This woman can use your chosen one as a friend, but go further and deliberately break your relationship will not. She is unnecessary, as she already enjoys the great popularity of the opposite sex and has many admirers.

Fiery rivals

Women who belong to the code of fire signs, in the first place, strive to be independent.

Rival-Aries differs grunt and self-confidence. This woman is very active, she behaves like a real hunter. Therefore, if she liked your man, she will do everything that is possible to get him. How should you behave in order to snatch your chosen one from the clutches of this Amazon? Get her out of yourself. Such a woman in anger turns into a terrible, ill-bred brawler, who completely ignores her words and actions. If your man sees her true face, for sure, he himself will want to break off relations with her.

Razluchnitsa-Sagittarius is very calculating. She is always ready to sympathize with a man, listen to complaints and understand him at the right time, which always works in her favor. It can not be said that she herself hangs on her neck. Just such behavior leads to the fact that the man himself comes to her. But this woman has a very big negative: she always wants to control everything, including her own man. Therefore, to defeat it, behave on the contrary, do not find out where and with whom he was, stop being suspicious. The man will quickly understand the difference.

Water rival

If your opponent is a representative of the water element, you should be alert. These women are emotional and mysterious, romantic and sexy.

Rival is a real angel in the flesh. She behaves modestly and defenselessly, so a man next to snea will feel like a real hero and protector, which simply can not be disliked, especially if you are a strong independent woman. To get rid of the opponent, fight for your beloved and provoke her. An innocent maskabezzaschitnogo angel quickly disappears, and in return there will be a cold-blooded unprincipled woman, which will immediately alienate the man.

Scorpio woman is a dangerous razluchnitsa.Ona real femme fatale. She is very smart and sexy, so to get virtually any man for her will not be difficult. How with neboronsya? She has one significant drawback - a Scorpio woman is very money-loving. Show your loved one her mercantile spirit and her self-interest.

The rival Fish is smart and sensual, but amorous and unstable. She can not long be with one man, periodically switching to others. Indicate your beloved at its windy and changeable, and the victory will be yours.

Earth rivals

This woman is very calculating and straightforward, strong tactically and cautiously. She weighs her every word, calculates every action, is ready to be in the shade as long as you want, waiting for the right moment.

The rival Taurus is beautiful, well-groomed and it's important that it can not help attracting a man. She knows how to wait for the right moment to attack. But razluchnitsa over time will want stability, and will begin to insistently demand that, most likely, a man will not like it.

Virgo women are very rarely mistresses. They are too correct for this, therefore, the man himself is hardly carried away by the rival Virgo. If the novel does begin, it means that the Virgin really fell in love.

A Capricorn woman, most likely, will not beat a stranger. She has other values ​​and she is still trying to deconstruct her future life in her youth.

Remember, in your relationship there must be love and harmony, respect and understanding. And then your loved one will not change you for anybody, and the most sophisticated tricks of the razluchnits will not work.