Dust mites and their control

Dust mites are an integral part of ordinary household dust, along with any of its other components: various fibers, dead cells of the epidermis of animals and humans, spores of fungi, the products of vital activity of various small insects. It is believed that they initially penetrated with the feather or down of domestic birds, or with agricultural products. In each house there are dust mites and the fight with them is simply necessary.

Dust mites are very small, the size of one dust mite is not more than 0.5 ml, so it is simply impossible to examine it with the naked eye. Their number is very large, it can be from hundreds to several thousand in only one gram of dust, and on a double bed from 200 to 500 million.

Where do the mites live?

Dust mites live in a variety of places. But its main habitat is: a vacuum cleaner, pillows, beds, mattresses, blankets and even bed linens, carpets and carpets, furniture, toys, especially soft, animal hair and many other places. However, even a person can live dust mites, especially on the skin or hair.

What do mites eat?

Duster dust mites are very common. But the main source of their nutrition is the epidermis. Every day about a million skin dermal flakes exfoliate, this is how nearly two kilograms of dead cells are collected in one year. Food that is constantly combined with humidity and darkness is also the best environment for dust mites. As you know, bed linen, the bed itself, a mattress and any other bedding contain up to 75% dust mites of your entire home, but the mattress, which for example, was used for two years and was not processed, can consist of only 10% dust mites and their excrement.

Danger of dust mites for human health

Dust mites are such saprophytes, organisms that have the property to exist alongside other organisms (for example, with a human), while not doing any good, but they do not bring harm either. Dust mites are not capable of biting a person, and can not be a spreader of infections. However, they are dangerous for many people, since they are often an allergenic component of all home dust. But more specifically, all the products of their vital activity are allergens: fragments of chitinous shell, feces. Each tick consumes about 20 feces a day. But if we multiply this number by the hundreds of millions of ticks that surround us, then it's just terrible to think about which figure will turn out. Moreover, for all its existence the mite lays at least 300 eggs, and by this they complicate the problem of their extermination.

The main problem is that when you lift these allergens up, they will begin to settle very long. And this will give them the opportunity to get into the person's airways with special ease, and this can cause allergic asthma, a cold and any other skin diseases.

How to get rid of dust mites

According to scientists, dust mites badly affect human health, fighting dust mites is simply necessary. There are many traditional methods, as well as methods that are based on the use of current modern scientific developments.

The traditional methods of fighting mites in the field include: frost (the effect of low temperature); timely regular replacement of mattresses, pillows and blankets; the sun (ultraviolet radiation); daily cleaning, preferably wet; keep things only in dry places; vacuuming the house and furniture; laundry.

Modern methods include: air cleaners, steam cleaners, special vacuum cleaners, anti-allergenic additives for washing things, various means for anti-tick treatment.

In our time there are many different types of vacuum cleaners: washing, ordinary, vacuum cleaners with aquafilter. All these vacuum cleaners are designed to fight dust, dirt, and generally dust mites. The most effective vacuum cleaner for processing houses and furniture is the Rainbow, which combines decontamination, aromatization, air humidification. It guarantees to every hostess a complete disposal of dust mites, fungus, mold, bacteria and other microbes. In our country, it costs 89,000 rubles, but the manufacturers of this equipment have stated that the vacuum cleaner will function perfectly throughout life.

Air purifiers are devices that, with the help of a specially designed filter and two fans, remove all small dust particles in the air, viruses, allergens, bacteria, eliminate unpleasant odors. Such air purifiers are designed to clean a small room volume. They are excellent cleaners of city apartments, office spaces, etc. One filter suffices for about 4 months. The price of this device is in the range of 5-6 thousand rubles.