Fashion Manicure at the Graduation 2016

Manicure for graduation 2016
School graduation is an exciting and anticipated event. Each graduate wants to look stylish and irresistible on this festive evening. Every year, girls pay more attention not only to searching for clothes and accessories, but also to keep track of new items of nail art. New manicure trends in 2016 will not leave indifferent any graduates. Before making a choice in favor of this or that holiday manicure at the graduation this year, you need to familiarize yourself with some general criteria. In this season, the average length of nails or with a small "surcharge" is actual. Beautiful and fashionable will look almond-shaped nails. Alternatively, you can give the nails a rectangular shape with a slightly rounded upper edge. For manicure graduates perfectly fit silvery and golden colors, as well as all shades of blue, pink, blue and lilac flowers. Outside of competition there is always a classic French manicure.

Manikur for the 2016
Almond Petals
Some designers who worked on creating manicure options for the prom night of 2016, to create unique ideas inspired by gentle pink flowers of the almond tree, suggesting a romantic mood, which perfectly combined with the festive image of young beauties. The originality of the idea of ​​Angel Sanchez, which involved two identical shades of nail in the design of nails, is confirmed by the statements of many fashion critics. The novelty of the jacket 2016 was to cover the entire surface of the nail with a matte varnish, and the lines of the "smile" - glossy and the same shade.

One more style of design under the "almond petals", which can be obtained by using a degrade technique or a gradient, is actual. If you apply a nail polish on a nail plate, using a sponge or sponge, you will get a spectacular smoky color transition from transparent pink to transparent white.

Salmon and lavender
Fashion experts recommend for the final manicure of the 2016 season to choose a glossy varnish of lilac, blue or pink flowers, trendy this season. On the nails of graduates, a smooth, carefully applied layer of colored enamel will look very impressive and will not require any additional ornaments.

The magic of blue
Cornflower blue - the cult color of 2016. Many designers used this color solution in their collections of clothes and shoes. For girls who choose a blue dress for the prom, the design of the nails "Blue Devil", impressive not only with its name, will be a wonderful addition to the image. This composition is performed as follows: the surface of the nail plates of the index and ring fingers are covered with a geometric print (black vertical stripes and bold spots) on a blue background, and on the rest of the nails a layer of sparkling blue varnish or a fine glitter is applied.

Manicure for graduation 2016
Caviar or "caviar" manicure
The fashionable style of caviar, which became fashionable under the name "caviar manicure", was founded by the company Ciaté, which developed a decorative coating resembling black caviar in its texture. Stylish graduates can choose for themselves his snow-white interpretation of Mother of Pearl, for the creation of which the base coating of transparent enamel sprinkled with small beads of glass, associated with pearls.

Rainbow Rhinestones
The original and festive addition of any design will be tiny crystals of sparkling rainbow colors. They will be able to decorate and classic French, and intricate floral subjects. This season, the 3D manicure will be a spectacular addition to the evening style.