Female infertility is not a sentence

Female infertility is a condition in which a woman can not conceive a child for at least 1 year of regular sexual activity with a fertile partner without using contraceptive methods. Self-restoration of reproductive function is extremely unlikely. Therefore, a woman needs medical help - you need to find and eliminate the cause of infertility.

There are a lot of factors provoking fertility decline in a woman. The specialists of the AltraVita clinic helped to understand the most common causes of infertility:
  1. Pipe factor. Fallopian tubes are structures that connect the ovary and uterus. It is there that there is an egg with spermatozoa, one of which fertilizes it. But if the lumen of this anatomical structure is closed, female and male sex cells can not meet, and then fertilization does not occur.

    The causes of violation of patency of the fallopian tubes may be different:
    • Infections . Provoke the release of exudate into the lumen of the tube, resulting in its walls stick together. Spikes can form, and in this case the obstruction will already be organic, not functional.
    • Operations . Damage to the uterine tube during surgery is a risk factor for the formation of adhesions.
    • Endometriosis . Disease of dyshormonal origin, in which the inner layer of the uterus grows. The foci of endometriosis are quite capable of causing obstruction of the fallopian tubes.
  2. Endocrine factor. There are many diseases and syndromes in which the hormonal balance in a woman's body is disturbed. This is a syndrome of polycystic ovaries, hormone-producing tumors, a pathology of the thyroid gland. Due to changes in the activity of certain hormones, the maturation of the egg is disrupted.
  3. The uterine factor. There are forms of infertility, in which the egg normally ripens, goes into the fallopian tube, is fertilized by the sperm, but then the embryo can not build into the wall of the uterus, and pregnancy does not occur. This leads to a number of diseases:
    • polyps of the uterus;
    • synechia;
    • uterine hyperplasia;
    • adenomyosis;
    • myoma;
    • malformations of the uterus.

Two more factors of infertility are distinguished by some classifications into separate forms, however their existence does not yet find scientific confirmation. This immunological infertility associated with the formation of antisperm antibodies, as well as psychogenic infertility. Some clinics recognize these factors as possible causes of impaired fertility, others ignore them.

How to treat infertility in women?

Regardless of the cause of impaired fertility, infertility is not a verdict. This condition is quite amenable to correction. Sometimes the reproductive function can be restored forever - in this case, a woman can conceive a child at any time, even in a few years. In other cases, fertility is restored only for a while, which is enough to achieve pregnancy. Methods of treatment that apply:

IVF in the treatment of infertility

The most effective method of treating infertility is IVF. The procedure of in vitro fertilization in many cases makes it possible to achieve pregnancy even in cases when there are pronounced violations in the activity of the reproductive system of a woman.

The main advantages of the technique are:
  1. You can get pregnant in the very near future. You do not need to take drugs for several months.
  2. IVF allows in some cases to avoid surgery, for example, in tubal infertility.
  3. In vitro fertilization is effective even in cases when other methods of treatment do not bring results.
To determine the cause of reproductive harm, get better treatment or do IVF, you can contact the clinic "AltraVita". Our doctors have a great experience in overcoming even the most seemingly hopeless cases of infertility. The article is prepared based on the materials of the clinic "AltraVita"