Gosha Kutsenko boasted of a book of "harmful advice" for adults, photo

The popular actor Gosha Kutsenko is being removed in the sequel to the series "The Last Ment". In his Instagram, Kutsenko regularly posts the latest news about creative meetings, publishes interesting videos and photos.

Literally an hour ago in the microblogging of the actor appeared an unexpected snapshot. In the hands of the actor, the book, whose name is very much interested subscribers Goshi Kutsenko. The fact that the artist showed his fans a book called "How to drink every day, smoke, have sex with anyone, stop worrying and have people around you." This is your adult volume of "Bad Tips 18+" ...

Fans are intrigued by the secret book of Goshi Kutsenko

The most offensive, that Kutsenko did not deign to leave any explanations, except boastful "That's it!". Naturally, the admirers of the artist were intrigued - what kind of book is now being read by their favorite. And most importantly - where can this product be purchased?

Immediately after the appearance of a new photo in the Instructions of Gosha Kutsenko, in the discussions the commentators began to leave their assumptions and share their thoughts:
saniasashka What kind of Bes wrote that?
ksushasterlenko @ and knew that something important in my literary education was missed))
sergeysamartsev Where to buy this book ?? !!! ๐Ÿ˜
barbariska78 ะ—ะฐั‡ะพั‚! Where can I buy ?;)
It is worth saying that some subscribers still suspected a trick. The book is 1905 edition. Given the special style of the letter of that time, it is unlikely that such a work could have been published 111 years ago. Part of the subscribers suggested that the book is the props of a new episode of the series, in which the actor is removed. This version is confirmed by the camera that is in the background.

Now we will have to carefully watch the new series of the movie "The Last Ment" season 2, it is there that a mysterious book may appear.