How hair color changes behavior

Many of the women who want life changes are eager for novelty, as a rule, often change their hair color. It turns out that the color can also affect the character. Psychologists believe that about forty percent of women, if they change the color of their hair, will change their behavior and character.


Light colors act on the character of women positively. They become more feminine and mild in behavior. This stereotype is formed by cartoons and fairy tales from childhood, in which all kind fairies and princesses are blond beauties.

Statistics show that in modern times a blonde girl for men is the most attractive type. There is an opinion that all owners of light hair do not have outstanding mental abilities. However, this is certainly not the case. Many of the blondes are very erudite and intelligent ladies.

Behind the vulnerable soul and delicate appearance of a blonde can be hiding strong-willed and strong nature. Blond girls always want independence, they want to be self-sufficient, but for all that they need patronage.

Light brown

This color does not greatly affect the nature of the girl. However, such girls stand out with calmness and discretion. They will not tolerate pressure from outside and prefer to live in harmony with themselves. Fair-haired girls will be good friends, ready to always listen and give good advice.


Those girls who wish to have a hint of pomegranate or ruby ​​hair are always looking for their ideal, and in all spheres of their lives in a career, in love, in friendship. And, no doubt, women who have hair with a reddish tint on the subconscious level want to always be in the center of attention.


In ancient times, red-haired women were considered witches. Red-haired girls have such character traits as charisma, cunning, leadership. These qualities they have been developed since childhood, because they often suffer from ridicule of peers over their hair.

Red-headed beasts are unlikely to go along with someone on a compromise and are quick-tempered. In addition, they are often not restrained, stubborn, not tactful, but on the career ladder are very confident.


The color of the chestnut also has a favorable effect on the character of the woman - they become soft and tender. These girls are very executive and responsible employees, and therefore often succeed in their careers. They are cheerful and sociable, which means they can easily join any company and at the same time feel very comfortable.


If the girl's hair is black as pitch, then they are likely to possess very strong character. They are characterized by purposefulness, patience, discernment. To achieve its goal, such a girl aspires with all her strength and goes ahead. Dark hair color especially affects the character of a woman. Very many girls with the coloring of hair in a dark color acquire a bit of bitchiness.

Brunettes are, without a doubt, provocateurs. They want to live by their own rules. Some men are afraid to build relationships with brunettes, considering them "fatal women."

Scientific data

If you believe the results of recent studies, then most confident and purposeful are blondes, not redheads and brunettes. Blond women often succeed and are considered more attractive than dark-haired girls. This is due to the fact that they are used to set a goal and go to it.

According to a study conducted at the University of California, blond girls feel more than others that they are obliged to achieve something in this life. It is worth noting that this quality is not genetic. Dyed blondes also acquire militancy and purposefulness.

Such results were very unexpected for scientists. Although these girls live in a vacuum from early childhood, they treat them better than others, but they seem not to notice that they are considered "princesses", - one of the professors of the university believes.

In the course of the same study, scientists also found that red-haired girls and brunettes more often correspond to their stereotypes. They do not expect special treatment for themselves and work hard.