Scandinavian walking with sticks

Scandinavia and Europe have been popular for many years, "Scandinavian" or northern walking. In English its name sounds like Nordic walking. In Finland it is called in its own way - sauvakavely. The very phenomenon of such walking appeared 70 years ago, thanks to those wishing to keep their shape and outside the winter ski season to professional skiers in Finland. They started training without using skis. As training, they resorted to walking with ski poles.

In the 20 th century, since the 80s, medical research has been carried out constantly, which confirm the usefulness and necessity of sport walking with sticks from skis. According to the research, Scandinavian walking with sticks positively affects the physical condition of a person. This gave impetus to the development of an amateur sport and professional, which was named Nordic Walking. Now this sport is engaged in a lot of people around the world.

Briefing of professionals on Scandinavian walking is even included in the list of basic services of wellness clubs and European balneo-hotels. Hungary and the Czech Republic hold international competitions. In these countries, Scandinavian walking is practiced and old, as they say, and younger. The winner in such competitions is traditionally the one who first reached the finish line.

Scandinavian walking: where to learn this?

In our country the Scandinavian type of walking also won its niche in sports. Walking has become a kind of new form of fitness, which is gaining popularity every day. Our athletes-skiers and biathletes use this kind of walking in preparation for responsible competitions.

This sport has its adherents, and people who are involved in walking are, as they say, "naked" enthusiasm, and experienced and knowledgeable instructors. It's easy to find such people. There are a lot of specialized sites on the Internet on this topic. As for reality, serious and professional instruction in the Scandinavian struggle can be obtained in Pushkin, near St. Petersburg. The sanatorium "Detskoselsky" focused on the holding of relaxation sessions for the elderly. Here have accumulated a unique experience and achieved real results.

I must say, this kind of walking is gradually becoming a rather promising type of recreation, sport and relaxation. It helps to restore health and prolong life for the elderly. Every month in the sanatorium, people of the older generation undergo recovery and recovery sessions, in particular, and with the help of Scandinavian walking.

Nordic walking: what can it give?

  1. It helps reduce pressure on the joints and knees.
  2. Promotes improvement of the lungs and heart.
  3. Helps to get rid of pain in the neck, shoulders, helps to correct posture.
  4. With the help of sticks, a person moves faster without making any special effort.
  5. Scandinavian walking is an excellent means of training for athletes, who need to load all year round on the cardiovascular system. Walking trains endurance.

This kind of walking helps to be always toned and often simply returns to normal life of those who have problems with the motor apparatus. This is the best sport for weight loss without the use of debilitating dietary food systems. You can go walking in summer and in winter, in general, 12 months a year. The result is quite natural, by rhythmic movements and correctly delivered breathing. Plus fresh air.

The popularity of the Scandinavian walk led to the phenomenon that people with sticks resembling skiing began to appear more often on the streets. And people are engaged in this sport of completely different ages, by the way, both for one and whole families. The plus of this walk is that with the help of sticks the load is put on the press, and on the hands, and on the shoulders, but it is removed from the joints and knees, which is important for the elderly. This is its main advantage over an ordinary walk in the park or forest.

This kind of Nordic walking helps to keep all the muscles of the lower and upper parts of the body in tone all at the same time. At exercises, almost 90% of the muscle mass of our body. Walking with sticks can burn about 46% more kilocalories than regular walking at a fast pace. Of course, this kind of walking is much more effective than a running track, because the stale air of the hall, where it is usually put, does not help the body to heal, it rather hurts ...

Walking Scandinavian - a mass, health-improving, a sport. It differs in local load on all the muscles of our body. It just reminds of walking on skis, only without snow, but with the use of roller sticks. These sticks resemble ski, they have attachments to fix their hands, and their size is selected individually, depending on the growth. The formula for calculating the length of the stick is as follows: the growth in centimeters is multiplied by 0, 68 (plus or minus 5 centimeters). Example: the height of the athlete is 185 cm, we select a stick approximately 125 centimeters long. From its length will depend on the load on the muscles. The longer it is, the more, naturally, the load. Such sticks for Nordic walking usually cost not more than 900 rubles. The technique of northern walking allows you to effectively "load" the entire muscle mass of the human body. At the same time, the risk of injury is minimal.

In our country there are no restrictions for such a useful sport. The only thing that needs to be overcome is its own complex of shyness and join the ranks of Scandinavian walkers to get better and just have fun.