How often should I wash my hair

Many women care about how often they need to wash their hair. Wash hair as often as they require. Oily hair quickly lose sight, and they have to wash more often. Normal and dry hair lasts much longer keeping a clean appearance, but many to lay their hair wash them because of the need. The quality of modern shampoos allows you to wash your hair often, no matter how much you fear for your hair. If the shampoo is correctly chosen, then frequent hair washing will only benefit, the hair will have a healthy shine, become elastic, lush and dense. Hair care specialists say that good quality shampoos with nutrients have a good effect on hair and overall on the human body. Before washing your head - comb
Before you wash your hair, you need to comb it, so that the scales of dead cells of the scalp are washed, after combing, their amount increases. And then after washing hair will look much better.

Water temperature
At the beginning of washing the head, you need to apply a higher water temperature than at the end of the procedure, as this allows you to wash off dirt and grease from the surface of the scalp. But too hot water can not be used, as it provokes premature hair loss and graying.

Let's start
Shampoo poured into his hands, then rubbed on the entire surface of the palms, and then put on the hair. Depending on the degree of contamination of the hair, their condition and type, they are washed 1, 2 or 3 times, then thoroughly rinsed with warm water, even a small amount of shampoo can not be left on the hair.

Folk remedies
In addition to shampoos, you can use shampoo substitutes. Traditional medicine for washing hair recommends the use of a yolk mixed with honey or by itself. Those, people who wash their hair with natural remedies, claim that the egg shampoo, as if restores the hair. To feed hair and scalp, a mustard powder with rye bread, rye bread, soaked in water, is soaked in water. Egg yolk when washing your head can also be added to the shampoo.

Care after washing
After washing, we will apply a mask or balm, hold it for a while and rinse the hair with cool water. This is done so that the scales of the hair, which have opened up from the temperature, are again firmly adhered to the base of the hair, thereby providing shine to the hair. If the hair is not burned with clarifying agents or is not over-dried, then slightly acidified water can be used. If we use balm, then according to the recommendations of experts, it is washed off not completely, the hair remaining on the strands, it will protect the hair from sunlight, protect them from hot styling, make them obedient, and they will look better. After washing, you must use either a balm or a mask, so that the hair does not get too much food.

What kind of water can I wash my hair?
If the hair is damaged from lightening agents or tired of a perm, it is better to use stagnant boiled water or mineral water. Since ancient times, silver water has been recommended since silver ions are useful for hair and scalp. Such silver water is easy enough to do, you need to throw a silver decoration or a coin into the water basin.

To rinse hair suitable herbal infusions, they will give a light shade. The infusion of chamomile will give a golden hue to the hair. Lime has a beneficial effect on hair of any type. Nettle is suitable for brittle and dry hair, it will make the hair thick. A rich tea infusion will suit dark hair.

You do not need to brush your hair immediately after washing your hair, you need to dry your hair a little in natural conditions, and then proceed with the styling.

The head needs to be washed as often as required by the hair, as they are contaminated, and depending on the situation when you need to lay your hair.