How to dress stylishly full of women

We are all products of society. Someone in the greater, some to a lesser extent, but the influence of the environment in which each of us was brought up and continues to live, imprinted on the worldview.

Even if you consider yourself an independent person who has his own opinion on any occasion, stamps in the mind are still present. One example is the concept of female beauty. Imposed by the media the belief that an ideal woman must have the parameters 90-60-90, is poisoning the life of many of the fair sex. There are women who sincerely believe that beyond the European fortieth-size happiness does not exist, so enthusiastically storm fitness clubs, do not eat after 18-00 and get a real pleasure from the loss of extra 50 grams. But there is another category, seductive bbw, more than other pleasures preferring culinary delights. Life should bring joy. And the extra pounds with skillful behavior is not such a hindrance.

On the question of how to dress stylishly full of women, there are many answers and recommendations. We will try to focus on some of them in this article.

Rule number one. Forget about the clothes that fit the figure. A narrow T-shirt is capable of disfiguring even a figure with barely outlined deposits, so let's leave them thin. Only the chest area can be tight, especially since full women are much more likely to boast of its impressive size. Advantages should be emphasized!

In the wardrobe of full women should prevail clothing free, wide cut, flared to the bottom, A-shaped silhouette. Excellent hide the shortcomings of the figure multi-layer models with fly-away details. Ideal look long dresses. If you prefer blouses, give preference to longer versions. Skirts, especially straight and inexpressive, are better to replace with trousers. A straight long skirt gives the look of monumentality. At the same time, narrow trousers made of stretch materials in combination with an elongated top visually build a figure. Very full of super-real models - tunics, bodysuit dresses, balloon dresses, combined with an elongated blouse or dress-tunic, can afford even leggings - Must have the 2010 season.

Rule number two. Knitwear. Jerseys are not only comfortable to wear, but also sit perfectly. It is ideal to fit a non-standard figure to a suit or a dress from dense fabric is capable only of a very skilled tailor, while knitwear provides a super-landing due to its elasticity. Moreover, knitwear is not only a banal pullover. Modern industry offers an unusually wide range of knitted goods from a variety of natural (cotton, linen, viscose, wool) and artificial materials.

Rule number three. Decorative decoration of clothes and accessories. A relatively small range of clothes for full women can be diversified through decorative finishing. Fashionable design, printed fabrics, appliqu├ęs, lace, embroidery, sequins and rhinestones, beads and stones, fringe is an obligatory attribute of the new season. Clothing, decorated with decorative elements, looks feminine and relevant.

Do not underestimate the accessories. Cravats, scarves, stoles are very stylish and feminine. A simple plain dress in combination with a kerchief of contrasting color refreshes the look, gives a zest. Noble jewelry and quality jewelry adds charm. In addition, in the choice of jewelry in general, there are no restrictions associated with the completeness of the figure. However, women should not choose too miniature rings or chains that are lost on the lush breasts and will not be able to perform the decorative function assigned to them.

It is worth mentioning shoes and leather products. Matching shoes or boots, a bag and gloves, made in the same style and materials, are able to turn the simplest outfit into a model of style. If a woman wants to dress stylishly, good quality shoes are simply necessary. Beautiful shoes and a simple dress can turn a woman into a model of elegance, and exquisite attire and primitive shoes will negate any effort. Not in vain for Cinderella, it was the shoes that became the highlight, which brought happiness.

Rule number four. Forming body underwear. If you still do not have such clothes in your wardrobe, you should hurry to the store. The choice is unusually wide: panties slips, shorts, bodysuits, all kinds of dresses, corsets that form the chest area, waist, hips, abdomen, buttocks and legs at the top. Linen is made of the most elastic fabric. Due to the shape stability, the material creates a unique comfort of socks. Tightening, like a second skin, such underwear can reduce the figure to an entire size.

Rule number five . Self-confidence. Perhaps, this is the most important rule. If a woman is not devoid of taste, she will figure it out herself, which is beautiful, which is not very, and self-confidence will allow one to ask how stylishly fat women dress, reply: "Just like the thin ones!" After all, any figure, except for the ideal but very few!), has its own characteristics. Slender women, just like bbws, find very many models unacceptable for themselves. Be interested in the news of the great metropolises of fashion and choose what you like yourself, what will be convenient and comfortable for you. There are absolutely no restrictions. The only criterion in choosing clothes should be beauty.

There are a lot of women. All of them want to look beautiful and stylish, and demand always creates an offer. In large cities, there are more and more specialized stores selling large sizes of clothing. In such stores you can pick up a whole ensemble, try on and on the spot make sure that the clothes are combined and in harmony, get a specialist consultation. Ask, perhaps, such a store exists in your city.