What distinguishes successful people

Do you want to know what unites all successful people? Millionaire Richard St. John took 500 interviews with the most successful people, including Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Joan Rowling analyzed hundreds of interviews, biographies and memoirs and wrote the book "The Big Eight". In it he told about what all successful people are doing.

Successful follow the passion

All successful people follow their passion. When Russell Crowe always says that there is only one reason why he received an Oscar for Best Actor: "I just love to play. This is what fills me. I love passionately. I love to tell stories. This is the meaning of my life. "

Successful people work hard

Forget the tales of an 8-hour work week and other nonsense, which are fed by different business coaches. Industriousness is a great equalizer. And he works hard to become successful. For example, the famous TV presenter Oprah Winfrey says that she comes to the set at 5:30 am: "I've been on my feet since the morning. The whole day I do not see white light, because I move from the pavilion to the pavilion. If you want to become successful, then you have to work 16 hours a day. "

Successful do not chase after money

Most famous people never chased money, but simply did what they love most. For example, Bill Gates says: "When we came up with Microsoft, we did not think at all that we could make money. We liked the process of creating software. Nobody could have thought that all this would result in a giant corporation. "

Successful people can overcome themselves

"Dad" management Peter Drucker always said that the key to success is to "force yourself to act." "All your success depends not on talents, but on how much you ultimately know how to get out of the comfort zone," Peter says. And Richard Branson formulates the same thought like this: "I always work at the limit of opportunities. And it helps me to grow very fast. "

Successful people are creative

Known to all "products" arise from ideas. If you want to become successful, you need to learn creativity. Ted Turner was the first to come up with the idea that news broadcasting could be done around the clock. He launched the CNN24 channel, which broadcast 24 hours 7 days a week. Thanks to this idea, Ted became a multi-millionaire and media tycoon.

Successful people can concentrate

Many people say now that there is a syndrome of attention deficit and allegedly this prevents people from developing. Of course, ADD exists, but very often it is confused with lack of motivation and interest. If a person finds his passion, then he can concentrate on it. Well-known filmmaker Norman Jewison says: "I think everything in life depends on your ability to focus on one thing and devote yourself to it all." Find your passion. Concentrate on it. And be happy.

Successful know how to deal with doubts

Which of us is not tormented by doubts that we are not good enough, successful, talented. But if you want to be successful - more precisely, implemented, you have to put your doubts somewhere far away. Actress Nicole Kidman says: "I always think that I play very badly. When we start to shoot a film, then at intervals of two weeks, I go to the director with a list of actresses who can handle the role better than me. But then I calm down. " Or you are in doubt, or they are you. It's simple.

Successful employees are able to work in tight terms

People who love their job, do not mind that they have little time left for it. They still try to grab at least a couple of minutes to do a favorite thing. For example, Joan Rowling wrote "Harry Potter" when she had a little daughter in her arms: "I walked with her down the street, and when she fell asleep, she rushed to the nearest cafe and wrote as fast as she could as long as she not woke up. "

Successful people do not like Friday

Have you ever wondered why many rich people do not retire? This is how Warren Buffett explains: "I love working. When it's Friday, I do not feel joy like many working people. I know that I will work at the weekend. "

Successful people always strive to improve

Successful people are always thinking about how you can improve yourself and your product. For example, the great inventor says: "I never consider an object without asking how I could improve it." And he also said: "I am glad that in my youth I had not invented an eight-hour working day. If my life consisted of working days of such duration, I would hardly be able to complete most of the things I started. " Based on the materials of the book "The Big Eight"