Loft in pastel colors: industrial aesthetics in a classical frame

Interior in the loft style is a practical solution for modern apartments. The creative team of the Swedish architectural studio Note presented its own interpretation of the popular "mansard" design - an open space with elements of a "soft" loft and Scandinavian motifs. Typical industrial decoration obeys the general idea of ​​space - deliberately rough concrete slabs of the fireplace, immaculately smooth walls, laconic beams, large panoramic windows. A similar minimalism might seem lifeless, if not for the successful color solutions suggested by Note. The dominant shades of gray-blue and sandy are immaculately shaded with milky, blue and ash-pink accents.

Furniture for the "Scandinavian loft" also meets all the requirements of today - it is universal, functional and does not "overwhelm" the interior with cumbersome. Shelves and sofas-transformers, built-in workrooms and wardrobe zones visually increase the room, creating a sense of spaciousness. Wood, matte plastic, a bit of colored ceramics and glass as elegant décor decor completes the concept of "soft loft" - the place where you want to live.

"Mansard" diagonal windows and metal columns - bright interior features from the studio Note

Modern "loft" -kitchen with a fireplace: simple and stylish

The workspace is devoid of fanciful design and is subject to ergonomic requirements

Calm shades pacify and create an atmosphere of coziness