Gothic style Lolita

This style was formed under the influence of the fashion of the Victorian era. The homeland of Gothic Lolita style is Japan. This style originated in 1997-1999 and is a very popular trend among Japanese youth. In Japan, this is not just a fashionable trend, but a reflection of their way of life.

Japanese modern music marked the beginning of a revival of this style. Pop-rock directions, where singers and singers performed in carefully thought-out and dressed suits and with their songs and costumes, drove the Japanese youth crazy. The desire to imitate and be like their idols Mona and Kana caused a revival of the Gothic style of Lolita. This fashion trend was not only liked by the Japanese, but also reached the US, China, Korea, Germany, France, Canada, Russia, Ukraine. But if in Japan this is a way of life, then in the West it's just one of the fashionable styles of clothing.

In our minds, Lolita is the image of a young sexual girl who tries to understand adult desires. To Gothic Japanese Lolita this image has nothing to do. The image focuses on children's innocence, naivety, purity, but is not in any way an appeal to desecrate this child's integrity.

The main features are porcelain puppet appearance. Obrazaksentiruetsya to the infantilism of a teenage girl with a straight bang, dark hair in her hair. The clothes have blue, black, burgundy, white color. Basically, these corsets, knee-highs, a skirt lush above the knee, shoes and a bag in the Gothic style.

What does the gothic Lolita look like? She is very beautifully embroidered or the lower shirt. Cuffs with earrings. This blouse is over-tightened with a corset, the collar of the blouse is tightly fastened. The corset tightens the figure well and emphasizes the thin waist and waist of the nymphet. From the corset is a very lush skirt. This skirt consists of a multitude of layers, all in ruffles and ruches and looks very luxuriant. Skirt is up to the knee and above. Necessarily stockings, knee-highs, trousers. Shoes made of leather or lacquered on a wedge or platform, high-heeled. On his head, Lolit bows, ribbons, small hats with earrings, bonnets. On the hands of lace gloves. Pants, jeans, pants Lolita do not wear any time.

In the cold time of the Gothic Lolita are warmed by jackets, cloaks, they wear coats and jackets, decorated with an appropriate attribute.

Additional accessories: handbags, umbrellas decorated with ruffles, plush toys, books, lollipops.

Hairstyle Gothic Lolita

These are elongated or long hair, curled in curls. Sometimes wigs are used. Hair color: red, white, black, chestnut.

Make-up Gothic Lolita

Striving for naturalness. The skin should have a pale tone or porcelain shade. The eyes can be slightly smoky. Blusher is gently peach or pink. The lips are of natural warm tones, red color is allowed.

If you have subdued this style, then the following basic rules of it you must observe:

Gothic Lolites are young and beautiful, but their eyes are always sad. They amaze with their beauty of others, without having any emotions. Always mysterious and lonely. More gothic Lolita are like dolls, the same beautiful, but very cold.