How to protect the skin from the sun?

Very beneficial for a healthy body is the moderate effect of sunlight. Light tan can be considered one of the cosmetics suitable for a large number of women. The sun's rays help improve metabolism, saturate the skin with oxygen, and also have a positive effect on the immune and circulatory system. Even the rays of the sun increase the body's production of the vitamin "D" and allow you to get rid of the depressive state. The rays are useful, but prolonged exposure to a scorching sun without protection of the skin is fraught with undesirable consequences.
Most people prefer to rest on hot days by the water. How to protect the skin from the sun? How to have a good rest and not "burn out"? Let's figure it out.

Ideal skin protection is a special cream with sunscreen effect. They protect the skin from the harmful effects of rays A and B types, which is called the broad spectrum of action of this drug. Unfortunately, most protective creams have protective properties only from type B sun rays. Ingredients that make up this cream are able to absorb and / or reflect the sun's rays. A high quality protective cream should have a moisturizing effect, and also contain antioxidants.

The protection coefficient of the facility is indicated by the letters SPF and a number, for example, SPF-15. Figures show a time that exceeds the time of safe exposure to the sun. This time depends on the intensity of solar radiation and the type of human skin.

Without a protective cream, people can be in the sun for the following periods of time:

For example: if you burn in the sun in 10 minutes, a sunscreen with SPF-8 protection will allow you to stay in the sun for 80 minutes. In a greater degree, you will be protected from B-rays, and protection from A-rays will pass to a lesser extent. These drugs can not protect the skin by 100%, and the protection time is very limited. Use these protective cream to prolong the residence time in the sun is not worth it.

When buying a sunscreen, pay special attention to the expiration date. Storage of such funds in a warm place contributes to the loss of their protective properties. To date, many make-up cosmetics under makeup have SPF filters in their composition. However, they are designed for short exposure to sunlight. In cases where the time spent in the sun can be delayed, you need to use a special cream for solar protection.

For the Russian climate it is recommended to use the following filters:

Skin Type

First days

Next days

Very sensitive

SPF 20-30

SPF 15-20


SPF 12-15

SPF 8-12



SPF 6-8



SPF 4-6

Means with SPF-factor must be previously applied, for 20-30 minutes before the release, plentifully applied to the open areas of the body. Do not rub the cream. It is necessary that a visible film forms on the skin. Repeat the procedure for applying the cream every two hours or after leaving the water. Particular attention should be paid to quickly burnable areas of the body: nose, cheekbones, lips, ears, shoulders, chest, waist, knees, back of the lower leg. If for any reason you did not have a special protective cream on hand, then it can be replaced with vegetable oils - olive, corn or sunflower. Fats of mineral origin are not suitable to protect the skin from the sun.

Do not rely only on sunscreen. Hat, sunglasses and light clothing will protect you from the effects of ultraviolet radiation no less. Clothing should be chosen from polyester and dark tones. It is noticed that dark clothes are able to protect better from the sun, rather than the light one. No matter how strange it may seem, knitted things for protection are preferable to clothes made from cloth. Materials consisting of two layers have twice the protective properties, and wet clothing loses similar qualities almost threefold. On hot days, it is better to give preference to loose clothes made of dense material. The folds of this garment intensify the sun-protective effect. As a headdress, it is recommended to use a hat with wide margins. The ideal option to protect yourself from exposure to sunlight will be in the shade.