The probability of a service romance, if a man and a woman work together

Dating and love are everywhere. So why, work should be an exception? That is why the probability of a service romance, if a man and a woman work together, is quite high. If people spend a lot of time together, they begin to get used to each other, learn the character and those little things that pull together with each other.

The question is: how likely is a service romance, if a man and a woman work together, can positively or negatively affect a person's career. Of course, being near your beloved almost twenty-four hours a day, it's cute and romantic. But, often, this feeling arises only at the first time. The fact is that even the most loving people need at least sometimes to rest from each other. Sooner or later, within the pair, various household problems begin. When both the guy and the girl go to work separately, they can rest from each other, rethink the situation, draw conclusions and calmly discuss the problem. But, what happens when a couple comes to work together? They continue to row and get angry at each other. Of course, this affects their productivity and causes hostility from their superiors. That is why, many businessmen are extremely negative about the novels between employees. But, on the other hand, no one can forbid people to love. That is why, official novels exist even in collectives, where they are banned by the internal statute.

Why do people fall in love at work? Perhaps the fact is that many workers have almost no time to meet outside the office. On weekends, more often than not, they communicate with relatives, old friends or just relaxing at home. Therefore, the circle of people who can be considered as an object for romantic feelings, significantly narrow. Young people and ladies unwittingly begin to look closely at those who are directly next to them. In one collective, people have similar problems and interests. Thanks to this, communication between colleagues becomes more intimate and can develop into an intimate relationship. Of course, it is best when love breaks out between people who are equal in status. Then, between the guy and the girl there are no conflicts, which can be the cause of professional envy. In fact, it only seems that love destroys all such feelings. In fact, ambitious people who have different status, it's very difficult to get along with each other and accept that a loved one has done more than he does. And even if at the beginning of a relationship, it really does not matter, over time, things can change for the worse. Of course, one can not say that this is the rule and so it happens in a hundred cases out of a hundred. There are people to whom the family is more important than career and ambition. They can calmly put up with a more successful loved one and live in love and understanding for many years. But if it is not so, it's worth thinking about before starting to build such a relationship with your colleague.

Another variant of romantic relationships at work is a romance between the boss (boss) and the subordinate (subordinate). In this case, such relations cause a lot of gossip, which negatively affect the relations in the team. There are cases when the boss or boss is married. Then, in the team gossips begin that undermine the authority of the person holding the leading position. Of course, such novels are also not uncommon, but they often do not bring anything good and can result in the dismissal of a subordinate or subordinate. But, even if a romance begins between free people, most often in a team such relationships are very difficult to perceive. Still, human envy still has not been canceled. Among employees, and, especially, employees, there will always be those who will discuss all the details of the novel on the sidelines and come up with their own nuances. Thus, the team is set up against the pair. People start to see things that may not be in reality. For example, the privileges received by a colleague who has a romantic relationship with the authorities, discrimination of other employees, and the like. If such relations are kept secret, often nothing happens. And in the case when it still succeeds in concealing, soon, often, in a pair, discord begins. The fact is that it is very difficult to constantly restrain and control yourself almost every minute, so that people do not guess about your emotions, according to words and views. This constant nervous tension can lead to stress and even depression. Of course, in this case there are exceptions. This is mainly the case in small and cohesive groups, where there is not too much differentiation in titles. Where everyone can prove himself and receives sufficient moral and monetary reward for this, which can satisfy ambitions, the collective least likely appears excessive interest in other people's relationships. But, unfortunately, there are not so many such collectives, and to a greater extent, there are almost no such cases.

The most "healthy", perhaps, can be called a novel between people who occupy equal high positions. In this case, competition does not exist as such. And, if people get along with each other and do not suffer their family quarrels in the workplace, such relationships can positively influence the conduct of business, as people completely trust each other, always try to help and help out.

If we draw conclusions from all of the above, we can say that the probability of a service romance, if a man and a woman work together, always exists, but far from always has positive consequences. Therefore, probably, before you fall in love with a colleague, it's worthwhile to think carefully. But, on the other hand, we all understand that you can not order your heart and if you follow all the rules, you can lose your happiness. Therefore, despite warnings, it may be that sometimes you have to do things the way your intuition and soul say.