Julia Kovalchuk: Biography

Julia Kovalchuk - pop singer, actress, presenter. Julia is a former soloist of the "Brilliant" group, the host of the "New Wave" festival and the "Minute of Fame" program.

Childhood of Julia Kovalchuk

November 12, 1982 was born Julia Kovalchuk in the Russian city of Volzhsky. In the family, she was the second child and the only one who devoted herself entirely to creativity. Yulin papa Oleg Kovalchuk worked for a long time at the design institute as a designer, and my mother worked as a teacher in a polytechnic technical school.

Since childhood Yulia was energetic, and this her energy had to be channeled in the right direction. From the age of four, her parents gave her to artistic gymnastics. Her experience was unsuccessful. During the training Julia was injured back, which accidentally fell mace. Everything turned out fine, but Julia did not return to gymnastics, her parents tried to give her daughter to dance. The result was successful, she put the dance and won the first place at the competition. Another hobby of Julia was music. And in 1996, at the age of 14, she entered a musical evening class on guitar and two years later she graduated from it. In these years, Julia began to write poetry and perform her own songs.

Star Trek

The Institute, where she received higher education, became the faculty of choreography at the Moscow University of Arts. In Moscow, she arrived in 1990 and from the first time she entered, passing a successful entrance examination. Being a student, Kovalchuk, created a dance team and performed with the team in clubs. It was her main earnings, until she got into the group "Brilliant" in the dancers. In 2001, Julia Kovalchuk came to the casting, passed it, and became one of the group's soloists. At that time, Julia replaced Olga Orlova, who left the team.

At the end of the year Julia recorded the first song in the group "Au-ayu". Her career as a singer was combined with her studies at the university, but she began to work in a team in 2002, and in 2006 she graduated from a higher educational institution. In 2007, Julia Kovalchuk held a master class of choreographers from London.

In "Brilliant" Julia shone until 2007, and when the term of the contract expired, she went to "free swimming" and began her solo career. This was supported by Marat Khayrutdinov, who became her producer. Kovalchuk got the opportunity and began to work in different directions, she creates songs, different in style. I recorded my debut song together with composer Konstantin Arsenyev "Push me", she also recorded a single with the group "Tea together".

Julia takes part in numerous TV projects. For example, in 2008 she was invited to the reality show "The Last Hero", where the singer took 2nd place. In 2009, Kovalchuk took part in the musical show "Two Stars", became the star of the project "Big Race". In the show "Ice Age", she was paired with Olympic champion Roman Kostomarov. In 2010 she was offered the role of the leading show "Minute of Fame", she can not refuse this opportunity. Her songs are at the highest levels of the tops of various radio stations, her image flashes on the covers of fashion magazines. Now Julia Kovalchuk is going to release a new album.

Personal life Kovalchuk

Julia until 2007 lived with a businessman Sergei Anisimov in a civil marriage. Her other lover was Alexei Chumakov, they began to communicate closely with each other during their participation in the show "Dancing on Ice." For a long time young people did not make any statements about their relationship. Now the young people still live together, but they do not yet think about the wedding and children.