Karl Lagerfeld develops a collection of natural fur for Fendi

In the middle of summer, a collection of Karl Lagerfeld's collection for Fendi will be held in Paris, which was started to speak in the winter. Still, it would be a "non-ecological" collection of natural fur and leather. Neglecting the tacit censure of the fashionable public, the famous couturier continues to work with natural furs - Lagerfeld believes that even the best quality artificial fur does not give the desired effect and fetters the creative possibilities of the designer.

Indeed, the previously quite common notion of "Haute fourrure" is not familiar to many today: fur collections are less and less, the famous brands succumb to the pressure of the "green" and try to match the fashion to the ecology. And only the most courageous or cynical allow themselves to remain in their opinion. Actually, Karl Lagerfeld is a well-known violator of various taboos ...

So, in July Fendi will present their first couture collection of natural fur. Previously, the fashion house included separate fur items only in the line pret-a-porter. Thus, Karl Lagerfeld's show will in some ways become a debut for the brand. Moreover, the fashion show will be a jubilee - this year the designer celebrates the 50th anniversary of cooperation with the brand.