Kate Moss: Biography

The British model Kate Moss is a style icon, one of the world's best-paid fashion models. Kate Moss was born in the United Kingdom in Croydon on January 16, 1974. Her full name is Catherine Ann Moss. Kate grew up without a father, her mother worked as a waitress to raise Kate and another daughter. In a small town, located near London, life flowed boringly and without any adventures. In the future, sisters saw themselves as saleswomen or waitresses. But one day Kate's mother podnakopila money and arranged for her daughters vacation in the Bahamas. From that very trip began a star career Kate Moss.

Star Trek

When Kate was 14, she was noticed by model agent Sarah Dukas at New York's airport, and she invited Kate Moss to try herself as a model. And after a couple of months, Kate's photo was already on the cover of Face magazine. Since the early 1990's, Keith began to appear in advertising, and in 1992 Calvin Klein signed a $ 4 million contract with her and the fashion house. Despite a small increase of 168 m, it becomes a very popular model and is rapidly gaining popularity. And it was in her eyes, which literally fascinated the designers, as well as in her slender physique, which made from Kate a half-girl-half-boy.

Kate Moss moved models from the podium, which were considered the most beautiful before her, she changed the fashion. On the podium after Kate came 16-year-old girls, and there were models that turned 14 years old. At 26, Moss earned the first million dollars, in 2000 her salary was $ 14.8 million. The contract with Chanel for five years, according to estimates of Forbes, brought the model $ 5 million.

In 2005, Moss began to cooperate with the British brand Topshop, she created collections of clothes, and later in weeks of fashion represented them. As the owner of the brand said, the collections that were made with Kate Momm were fantastic. While Moss was cooperating with this brand, they released 14 collections, which won great success among women of fashion all over the world. Moss - one of the most popular models of the world, which agrees to work with the mass-market and with luxury brands. For example, in 2012, it appeared in the ads of Salvatore Ferragamo, and with more affordable customers brand Mango.

Most models with age give way to young models. But Kate still does not lose her popularity, although she started working in the 90's. Currently, Moss is on the 2 nd place in the ranking of the richest and most wealthy models of the world, losing first place to Gisele Bundchen.

Personal life

When Kate was 17 years old she began a violent personal life with the famous photographer Mario Sorrenti, with whom she broke up when she met the famous actor John Depp. But with him ended not so well, after 2 years Johnny Depp began to meet with Vanessa Parady and threw Kate.

Kate changed men one by one - Jack Nicholson, Anthony Langton, Bill Zane. But in her life there was such a time when relations with Jefferson Hake grew into serious ones and Kate got a daughter from him in 2002. So without having formalized the relationship, in 3 years the couple broke up.

After Kate broke up with Jefferson, she began to meet with musician Pete Doherty. But at the party on the occasion of the recording of Pete Doherty's album, the paparazzi were removed, as Kate Moss used cocaine. There was a big scandal, with the model many brands broke then contracts with her and Pete Doherty disappeared from the life of Kate. For a time Kate was treated for addiction and in the end she broke off the relationship with Doherty.

In 2007, Kate Moss met guitarist Jamie Hinch. Their relationship went unnoticed and did not provoke heated discussions in the press. On August 7, 2010 the famous couple played a home wedding in Sicily, in one of the churches. A year later they played the celebration on a grand scale, the wedding was held in London. The ceremony was attended by Sadie Frost, John Cagliano, Anna Wintour and others.