KVN everything? Alexander Maslyakov involved in corruption scandal

Serious cleaning, which in the end of summer began Channel One, does not seem to end. The turn came to one of the most popular programs - KVN. Moreover, it is not even known whether the program, which gave television so many talents, will be transferred to another TV channel. Perhaps, the era of KVN can be disgracefully ended already in the near future ...

The news, which appeared today in the media, dumbfounded fans of KVN: Alexander Maslyakov was dismissed from the position of director of the association "Planet KVN". The reason for the dismissal was the inspection of the General Prosecutor's Office.

The prosecutor's office announced information about the frauds of the Maslyakov family

According to the information of the anti-corruption organization that carried out the audit of the firms of Alexander Maslyakov, it was established that, being the head of the state enterprise "Planet KVN", he was engaged in business. The law provides for a number of restrictions for heads of state organizations, but Alexander Vasilievich had his own creative association AMiK, and later the TV presenter designed the IP. In addition, the "Planet KVN" and "AMiK" created a joint venture "House of KVN", which in fact became a family firm.

As a result, the property belonging to the Planet KVN, passed under the control of the family company Maslyakov, because the transaction Alexander Vasilyevich concluded, in fact, with himself. Now there is a check of the activities of Alexander Maslyakov and the enterprises he or she is led by his family. And in June of this year, when corruption schemes were revealed, the permanent leader of KVN was dismissed from the position of the head of the "Planet of KVN".

The latest news is quickly spread across the Web. Internet users have an ambiguous attitude to the accusations against Maslyakov. Some dedicated KVN fans view the corruption scandal as a provocation, while the second part is outraged by the level of corruption in the country:
gleb977 The state shies from a large-caliber weapon on all successively. What is it? Agony?
chaykinseo And reached KVN !!! Guys wake up you live in a shameful country Russia where every 3 people steals !!!!
kravchenkodjon This is information throw-in. Slander. Alexandra Vasilyevich has nothing to blame
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