Obesity in men by female type

Obesity is a fairly significant addition to the body weight as a result of the increase in fat tissue. Male obesity is considered to be excess of normal body weight by 25%, and female - by 30%. The causes of obesity can be very diverse, they are primary and secondary. Also, obesity in men is divided by the degree of excess of normal body weight. The constitution with such a problem is also different. There is obesity in men by the female type, in such cases fatty tissue is the most on the hips and waist, the body of the man is similar to the shape of the "pear".

The causes of obesity.
Everyone is aware of the causes of this problem: hypodenosis, lack of active movements, high caloric intake of food, the presence of a large number of fats and carbohydrates in it. A hereditary factor plays a large role, because obesity is mainly observed in members of a single family. Obesity is also caused by stress and depression, when a person tries to drown his problems with food.
Types of obesity.
When fatty tissue mostly accumulates in the upper part of the body, obesity is called a male type, and if in the gluteal region and thighs it is referred to as a female type.
The appearance of a large abdomen in men and women suggests that fat is formed both in fatty tissue under the skin and around all abdominal organs, and this poses a great threat to human life and health. Fat near the organs leads to their squeezing and displacement, a violation of blood circulation. Fat is simply split and falls directly into the liver and loads and without it a loaded organ.
During the diet, this fat, formed around the organs, comes out first, so when dieting or adding loads of sports, first, the external effect of the efforts that are attached is not noticeable.
Obesity of the "pear" type, in fact, occurs more often in the female, because this fat is needed to accumulate near the genital organs of a woman's hormone estrogen.
Consequences of obesity.
An increased fat layer on the gluteal region and thighs leads to spine diseases, veins on the legs, joint diseases, including osteoporosis. The manifestation of cellulite is also more common in people who have a female type of obesity.
Men who are obese by the female type are prone to infertility and a significant decrease in sexual function, even impotence, as a result of the large amount of the female hormone that is concentrated in the zone close to the genitals.
Men who have a female type of obesity, it is necessary to urgently reduce the amount of consumed fats, salty foods. People with this type of obesity should move more, walk for a long time on fresh air in comfortable shoes to prevent the occurrence of varicose veins.
Binge eating.
Severe overeating is the most common reason for the appearance of excess weight, male and female. Overeating occurs after a diet that has failed, the results are not noticeable after stressful conditions. Overeating leads to the loss of human faith in one's own strength, success, "consolation" begins with food, more and more. Also after this, significant weight fluctuations occur that complicate treatment for obesity, and the threat of complications such as liver and cardiovascular diseases increases.
Principles of obesity treatment for men by female type.
The most basic principle in the treatment, which must necessarily be performed, is a sharp decrease in calories in the diets. Calculations of such a daily rate can make a doctor - a nutritionist.

  1. Increased physical activity. People with obesity, female type, are recommended long walks on foot every day, for long distances with the gradual addition of walking tempo and distance. Very positive influence such sports loads, as: swimming, exercise bicycles, exercises in the sitting and lying positions, to avoid heavy loads on the spine.
  2. Help with medicines, when the exact implementation of the rules of diets and fiznagruzok does not get to reduce weight. Medicines are selected individually for each specific case. To be treated it is necessary under the full supervision of a specialist.
  3. Treatment of obesity is surgical. This type of assistance to a man with a disease of female obesity is directed to the removal of excess fat tissue in certain areas of the body, performed by such methods as: liposuction or surgery. The treatment of obesity by surgical method in some cases involves cutting off most of the stomach so that a single portion is as small as possible. In addition, a balloon can be inserted into the stomach that presses against the walls of the organ and gives a sense of satiety. Also, the patient can remove intestinal loops.
  4. Psychotherapy. It is just necessary for a patient with such a disease to inspire confidence in himself, his strength and success, so the patient should go to a therapist and learn the methods of autogenic training.
  5. Treatment of a person suffering from obesity is impossible without the involvement of his family. It is very important that native people understand the importance of the complex stage of recovery and do not provide an opportunity to break the diet. A large number of families feed a child who is sick with obesity, thereby restoring recovery or making it altogether impossible. It will be good if the family changes their way of life and fully or at least slightly adheres to the patient-selected diet and lifestyle for the whole family.
  6. A patient suffering from obesity needs not only to make less volume and calories of food, but also to change its composition. It is best to eat foods that contain more fiber, micronutrients and vitamins. Fruits and vegetables should be consumed fresh, sweet - only in the form of dried fruits and sometimes honey. It is recommended to use easily digestible proteins in food - kefir, low-fat cottage cheese, fish, legumes.
  7. The patient needs to learn to set realistic goals for himself: a loss of 30 kilograms per month is not possible, but 6-8 is quite realistic. It is worth keeping a diary, where every day you need to contribute the amount of food eaten and the number of goods. Weighing should also be done in the morning every day, writing down everything in a diary.
  8. It is best to remove the products of conservation, drinks with gas from the ration, and to consume clean water, fresh juices, fruits and vegetables.
  9. Throughout the whole treatment process, it is not necessary to consume alcoholic drinks.
  10. There is a need at the same time, in small portions, somewhere 5 or 6 times a day.
  11. There is slower, better chewing food.

It is worth noting that even neglected male obesity by the female type is treated, if correctly distribute their diet and lifestyle.