Love horoscope for 2015 for Taurus

The year of the Goat will not be the easiest for people born under the Taurus Sign - they are waiting for interesting acquaintances, new relationships, which, unfortunately, are unlikely to be cloudless and even. Taurus may well be in a situation where a crafty and self-serving partner used it and left it with a broken heart - surviving it would be quite difficult. But the family Taurus worry about almost nothing - for them, this time promises to be cloudless.

Love horoscope for Taurus woman for 2015

The first half of the year for single Taurus women will be quite crumpled - they certainly want relationships, tenderness and attention is not enough, but for now they are only ready to accept them, but they do not want or can not give. Because of this, any relationship with the opposite sex will not be fully developed, and if the Taurus woman does not decide what she still needs - independence or a loved one, she runs the risk of being alone all year.

Horoscope promises a Taurus woman an interesting acquaintance far from home - on vacation or during a business trip abroad. There is a high probability that the Taurus woman will be so absorbed in her feelings that she will decide to move to her beloved person and for a long time, if not forever, leave her home.

In the family, the Taurus woman will not have anything that could affect the strength of the relationship - unless she wants to refresh the feelings that, for a long time, the marriage might have faded. All this is quite possible for the woman Taurus - she should take the initiative and offer the partner a joint trip to rest, if there is such an opportunity. If not, do not be scared, it is worth simply spending more time together and arranging each other little surprises, giving gifts and giving different signs of attention.

Love horoscope for male Taurus for 2015

The stars promise the free man-Taurus an interesting meeting already at the beginning of the year - and, most likely, it will seem to him truly fatal, he will be covered with emotions and emotions. But, unfortunately, there is a possibility that this relationship to the male Taurus will bring more suffering than pleasure - it may happen that the Taurus chosen has rather selfish motives for him. While the enamored Taurus gives expensive gifts and invites to restaurants, she gratefully accepts his feelings, but as soon as she realizes that he can not offer anything else, he will immediately leave it. This can greatly undermine the trust of the male Taurus to other women, and therefore it is likely that he will spend the remainder of 2015 alone.

For married men, Sagittarius, 2015, on the contrary, the heyday of relations - if at the beginning of the year there may still be minor misunderstandings and minor conflicts, by the middle of the summer, the Taurus man himself and his half will safely forget about this. In addition, summer and autumn are a great time for family gatherings, joint trips to relatives who have not seen each other for a long time.

The end of autumn and winter of 2015 will be for the relationship of the male Taurus literally a honeymoon - the stars promise these couples a new breath, in addition, they take a fresh look at their intimate life, which can not affect the relationship.