Lunar calendar and love

Is there a connection between the behavior of the moon and the love relationship? Astrologers say that there is. Let's try to determine on what days we should be active, and on what days - passive, in communication with men.

It's not a secret for anyone that the behavior of the Moon is closely related to the various processes taking place on our planet. The artificial satellite of the earth has the most direct effect on the vital activity and well-being of a person. One of the areas, as one astrologers say, is the relationship between men and women. And that is why, astrologers are asked to take into account the behavior of the moon in building various relationships, so that our desires and aspirations coincide with the lunar influence of the human biorhythms.

Many people have heard that there are such concepts in astrology as the lunar month, the lunar phase, and so on. What can be done so that the biorhythms of a person coincide with the biorhythms of the moon. So, the lunar month is divided into four phases: the new moon, the full moon, the phase of the growing moon and the phase-shifting moon. When the new moon comes, it is better to refuse to make important decisions and build any plans in your personal life. But the full moon is against time, for a complete betrayal of romantic feelings. However, one should be careful, since it is during the full moon that the moon actively influences people who are prone to excessive emotions. Therefore, in such moments, a scandal may occur, anxiety and anxiety will increase for any reason. Try on such days less to contact each other.

The growing moon has a favorable effect on the beginning of new affairs, the aging moon symbolizes that it's time to dampen your activity and not to take anything ambitious.

In addition to all of the above, you can take advantage of a list of favorable days in which you can develop your relationships and know that everything will turn out.

In the first lunar day it is most expedient to dream about your beloved or beloved. After all, this day, since ancient times, is fateful and all that you are envisioning should be the most right way to be fulfilled.

The second lunar day should be left to develop your intuition. It is in these days that it reaches its climax. Very attentive to people, especially this applies to the opposite sex, and listen to your inner voice. Perhaps it will be your assistant on this day and will point to the one who is destined for you.

The six-day main. They determine how your future will develop. If during this time you managed to find yourself a half and get in touch, then this day you will feel that you are waiting for ahead with this person.

The eleventh lunar day, mostly the brightest. At this time, sexual activity begins to look for an outlet and beats the key, so be prepared in advance for a stormy pastime.

On the seventeenth lunar day one should take serious decisions and start serious business. It is on this day that weddings are most often played. If you are far from this - the relationship can move to a deeper level.

The twenty-first lunar day - start to show activity and interest in relation to a person who is not indifferent to you. On this day, any attempts to become a little closer to the object of their adoration are programmed for success.

Well, now you know what days to show activity to grow closer to achieving your goal, and in what kind of lie to the bottom and not move, so as not to spoil what fate has prepared. On the ninth, thirteenth, fifteenth, nineteenth, twenty-third and twenty-sixth days, refrain from new acquaintances and hobbies, since there is no promise of a good star.

If you want to find your true love, you will have to change your life. So start doing it with the new moon. Make a change in appearance, change your hair, makeup, buy new clothes and preferably -change the style. Choose yourself a diet and lose those extra pounds that make you feel really happy. Or arrange a feast-free feast, if you weigh too little and blame everything - unhappy love. Do not forget - you do this not for your former, in order to draw attention to yourself, but for yourself, to enter into a new life renewed and start from a new leaf.