How to find real yogurt

- 70% of products with the name "kefir" on the market, is a completely different product. What is a fake? In order to create a real classic yogurt, you need to use the leaven on kefir fungus (this is a whole bunch of microorganisms: lactic acid stoutokoki, yeast, beneficial bacteria, etc.).

Irina Romanchuk, deputy director on scientific work of the Technological Institute of Milk and Meat:

Only in this case, you can be sure that your body will receive useful substances that are peculiar to kefir.

The classical technology of making kefir is complex. Producers, in order to facilitate their work, often use leaven not on kefir fungi, but on pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria, thereby not achieving the necessary appearance and taste inherent in kefir.

How can you tell a real sour milk drink?

The only way for a consumer to buy real kefir is, however trivial, to carefully read the label on the package.

In the composition of this kefir is indicated - milk (dry milk is allowed), kefir leaven (it is made on the basis of kefir fungus).

Do not give in to advertising tricks. If the composition instead of the ferment of kefir is indicated - "pure cultures", then it can be confidently said that this product has nothing to do with kefir.

In addition, it is forbidden to add any dyes, preservatives or stabilizers to kefir.

If the composition indicates "pure cultures", then this is not real yogurt.

Since spring, buy kefir only in stores

Outside the window the sun warms, the temperature rises. But whether sellers of dairy products are ready in the markets for this, it is not known. Kefir is stored at a temperature of 0 to +6. Any deviation leads to an increase in the amount of yeast or microorganisms. In any case, yogurt is spoiled.

How to determine the fake oil, ice cream and condensed milk.

Ice cream from coconut

Everyone will say that a plombir is a completely separate ice cream flavor, unique to taste. But to find a real seal is a problem. The main difference between a filling and other types of ice cream is its fat content, it should be at least 12%. By technology, this fat is provided by milk fats. But, according to the research of DC "UKRMETRTEST-STANDARD", often in the filling only 60% is milk fat, and the remaining 40% - vegetable. But there are also unique cases when ice cream is 100% coconut fat.

"Condensed milk" without milk

To make real condensed milk, you need high quality milk and excellent equipment. It is much cheaper to make "condensed milk" by mixing powdered milk with sugar and vegetable fat. What, in principle, does most manufacturers.

Coconut fat is added to the composition. According to the condensed milk testing conducted by the SIC NPE TEST, part of the vegetable fat in some brands reaches 95%.

In oil - fat from a palm tree

Butter also "sins" with vegetable fats. Not all manufacturers indicate on their labels that in the product, along with milk fat, there is also coconut. However, now Ukrainian producers, in the struggle for the buyer, are already beginning to indicate the true composition of the product being sold.