Makeup for different types of face

In this article, I would like to first talk about the types of face they are and how best, and the most important thing is to apply makeup to the face correctly. Cosmetologists distinguish between different types of face: oval, square, round, rectangular, triangular.

Some geometry you say, but no, this is just one of the moments of the technique of applying decorative cosmetics on the face. The make-up artist does not need to determine by eye make-up for different types of face. Not every one of us is a master of a high-class make-up artist. Makeup for different types of face is characterized by a singular personality. I would like to talk about each of them in more detail. The oval type of face, according to leading cosmeticians, is the ideal of the remaining ones. The application of make-up comes from the central part to the temples, which will give the person a youthful and happy expression. With the correct application of make-up, you can soften the angularity of the diamond-shaped shape. To do this, the rouge of dark colors is applied to the protruding part of the cheekbones, and a light shade selects the subculus part. Make-up of different types, themes and features, which makes it possible to emphasize the dignity and hide the shortcomings of your face. The next type of face is square. The peculiarity of this type of face is that its length and width are the same from all sides, in the appendage with pronounced angularity of the lower jaw. I would like to note that the purpose of decorative cosmetics for this type of face is to soften the angularity and narrow the lower part. Use dark tones or shadows and blush shades that are close to natural. On the cheekbones is applied a darker base, so that they do not act so. I would like to note that the make-up on the eyes is applied from the inner corner to the outer corner, and on the outside of the shade is shaded, the rouge is applied from the middle to the temples by a triangle, and the lower lip is also painted as a triangle. A round type of face is characterized practically, as well as a square type, but unlike it does not have pronounced angles. Pulling out his face and lengthening his face, we apply a dark tone throughout the oval. By reducing visually the cheeks, we darken the side surfaces with blushes of dark bodily shades.

In the vertical direction, shadows and blush are applied, and the lips are drawn small and round. Distinctive features of a rectangular type of face: vertical proportions and pronounced lower jaw. The purpose of the make-up in this case is visual expansion of the face and highlighting of the side surfaces, and if the problem area of ​​the face is the high forehead, the dilated chin - their size is reduced by darkening the chin and upper forehead. Lips visually increase with a pencil or shine. And the last type is triangular, a feature of which is a pronounced chin. The purpose of this make-up is to achieve harmony between the broad and narrow part of the face. A dark tone is applied to soften the lateral surfaces of the forehead.

In the vertical direction, apply makeup to the eyes. The lips are the same as the round face type, that is, small and round. What kind of decorative cosmetics do you choose to decide for you, since this case is considered to be purely individual. I would like to hope that with this choice you will be guided by the information that is presented in this article. At the end of the above, I would like to draw a conclusion: different types - different types of make-up. Determine the look of your face and be beautiful, but do not forget that your makeup should be in harmony with your hair, eye color, and also with the clothes that will be worn by you. Therefore, to be attractive, just make-up will not be enough.