Maxim Fadeev showed a photo of a child whom subscribers thought was the daughter of Julia Savicheva

A few months ago Julia Savicheva returned to Russia: the singer had a daughter in Portugal, but still did not show the child to the fans. The fact that Savicheva is pregnant and waiting for the child, her fans only guessed. Because of the previous unsuccessful pregnancy, Julia decided to move away from the scene for a while, so that nothing would prevent her from giving birth to the baby.

All this time, Maxim Fadeev was aware of the latest news in the personal life of Julia Savicheva, but never once mentioned what is happening in the family of his ward. Now Julia Savicheva is actively preparing to return to show business, but she prefers to keep silent about her personal life.

Maxim Fadeyev threw questions about the child in the photo

A few minutes ago in the Instagram Maxim Fadeev appeared an unusual photo. The producer is captured in the picture with a newborn baby in his arms. The musician signed the photo laconically:
The most important thing in our life is children. ❤ Maxim Fadeev's picture with the child immediately caused a lot of questions from his subscribers. Many followers have suggested that this is the daughter of Julia Savicheva, because Max is very close friends with the family of his pupil:
sharkov_yuriy Savicheva?
sergeklenskikh Max Aleksandrovich, is this Yulino a miracle?
katya_arvadi Maxim Aleksandrovich, will you be godfather to Julia?
artur_retriver Is this the miracle of Yulechka?
mma____222 The daughter of Julia ???
Note that some doubted that in the hands of Maxim is a real child. In discussions, the speculation that this doll, which Fadeev is going to give to one of the children of his numerous friends, flashes. Do you think a doll or a child is in the picture?