Meraye Carey donated a necklace for half a million dollars

Just a couple of months ago, the famous arena diva, 45-year-old Meraya Carey, swirled a fast-paced novel with a billionaire. The couple was seen on a joint vacation in mid-June, and, as the tabloids note, from about this time the love story of Meraya Carey and James Parker begins to count. TMZ was one of the first to publish the latest news with a relaxed holiday of lovers on the coast of Italy. The 47-year-old Australian billionaire, as expected, pampers his beloved with expensive gifts.

Meraya Carey demonstrated her "new diamond heart"

The other day during the event in Las Vegas, Meraya Carey was wearing a spectacular black outfit complemented with a necklace with a large yellow diamond. The last exclusive decoration, donated by the boyfriend, was so much to the liking of the singer that she thanked her lover directly from the stage of Las Vegas to her many thousands of fans.

James Parker did not regret for his beloved woman half a million "green" for the necklace with an 18-carat diamond in the shape of the heart. The custom-made unique necklace Parker handed to Meraye Carey before her performance in the Caesars Palace concert hall.

A few days later the singer "walked" her diamond half-million "new heart" during one of the solemn events. Mariah chose a tight, shiny black dress with a spectacular large neckline that perfectly emphasized the beauty and elegance of the new decoration.

Roman Merayi Carey and James Parker is developing rapidly

Mariah Carey met a billionaire a few months after her divorce in 2014. Recall that the singer's marriage failed due to repeated changes of her husband. Actor Nick Kenon, 11 years younger than his famous ex-wife, did not deny himself carnal pleasures with strippers and young waitresses, and after the decision of Meraya Keri to divorce from the unfriendly, talk, blackmail the singer, extorting money.

James Parker in his 47 years twice had time to visit family relationships, and was caught in a love affair with the beauty of Miranda Kerr.

A few days after getting acquainted with Meraya Keri, the billionaire did not hide his serious intentions, the couple openly demonstrated their relations to journalists and immediately started talking about marriage. As evidenced by the latest news of Western tabloids, Meraya Keri has already introduced a new lover with her children, Monroe and Morocco. It remains to work for a small - finally draw a divorce process with the ex-husband and father of twins Nick Cenon, and then you can think about registering the next marriage with a handsome billionaire.