Minimalism - practical interior trend-2016

Minimalism is a striking example of an interior paradox: a stylish space with a minimum of financial costs. But this is a logical explanation - a laconic environment should be simple, functional and devoid of complex decor. Narochita unpretentious minimalism is deceptive - this interior is one of the most comfortable. The first rule of style is an achromatic color palette.

However, the season-2016 version of the Pantone Color Institute added to the traditional trio of black, white and gray trend shades of pink quartz, blue lilac Serenity and buttercup shade Buttercup.

Furniture should also meet the aesthetics of minimalism - no smooth curves, carved inlays and stained glass inserts. Versatility, clear geometry, high-quality, but low-key accessories are what you need. Compound headsets-transformers also perfectly fit into the laconic interior.

Textiles and decor items have to become bright accents of a minimalistic environment. Unusual neon posters and Impressionist paintings, colorful abstract figurines and vases made of stone, non-ferrous metal and glass, single-colored contrasting bedspreads and pillows, smooth carpets and woven lintless rugs - things that will soften the interior and give it an unusual look.