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What's the main thing about us? That's right, health. And a woman in particular has her female health. It is the guarantee of beauty, a prosperous, strong family and beautiful, intelligent children. Therefore, it must be treated with special care.

It's not that you have to wear a hat in the winter, and in the fall, get a flu shot. These are general rules. Reproductive health is a fragile thing, it can be easily damaged, but it is difficult to restore. And sometimes it is very expensive.

For example, prevention of unwanted pregnancy. In other words, contraception. Who does not know that any contraception is better than an abortion? Everybody knows. But does everyone use it? And if they use it, they choose the most reliable means? Hardly. The most popular contraceptive in our country is a condom. Cheap, affordable, understandable how to use. But the condom can tear or slip. Anything in life happens, no one is immune. But does it make you think that it's better to reconsider your views and choose a different method? So far not many work.

Hormonal contraception is considered the most reliable in the world. But we in the country somehow historically developed, that to hormones the attitude or relation guarded. If possible, it is best not to use it. Although, if the condom has failed, then again we return to hormones - the old proven means of emergency contraception. But meanwhile, they contain 150 times more hormones than in one pill of the contraceptive, which must be taken every day.

It's not hard to guess that such a colossal dose of hormones is a shock to our body. Pregnancy such a tool, of course, will warn, but how does this generally affect the body? And yet there are more modern non-hormonal means.

But what do we know about them? Almost nothing. Moreover, it is often possible to find the opinion that all emergency contraceptive methods are equally and equally harmful to our body. And, meanwhile, this is completely wrong. Knowing the difference between hormonal and non-hormonal means of emergency contraception would save not only health, but also nerves. Learn more about emergency contraceptive means now, to be sure of your choice always.