Places for sex

The bed has long ceased to be the only place for sex. Situations can be very different: an unexpected burst of sexual desire can induce you to have sex where you are, or maybe you are a fan of extreme places and deliberately decided to leave the usual bed, exchanging it for an uncomfortable but original place. You can find a bunch of places, both inside and outside the house. The main thing is to make sure that such sex will be safe and convenient, otherwise you will be disappointed.

Sex on the floor

This is probably the most out of all types of sex in "non-standard" places. Naturally, it is better than all if there is at least a carpet on the floor. But even such a coating can not protect you from the hardness of the floor. During the sexual intercourse, the partner can strongly press you into the floor, and then bruises will be on your teleost. So we will either have to somehow control ourselves in order to be untrained, or first throw a mattress on the floor.

Sex on the table

We often see in films how superfluous objects of surface are effectively dumped, and a man capsizes his partner on the table. Maybe on the screen it looks cool, but in life, as a rule, everything is much more complicated.

If we are talking about sex in the office, then you will have to collect various office supplies, the technician can suffer as a result of the fall: a computer, a telephone, etc. And at the cost of such a service "perepihona" will be a realistic bill for damage to property. At home, a comfort table can be a kitchen table, which carries other dangers. Forks and knives can reassure you, and broken dishes are unlikely to bring you happiness.

Naturally, the very thought of the fact that the whole process will occur in such an unplanned place, gives sharpness to the senses, but let's be a little squeaky and prepare the surface in advance. Track at least to ensure that things that will fly off the table, do not break down and do not bring you noticeable harm.

Sex in the Bathroom

Sex in the bathroom also takes its roots from the film industry. In our rooms there is not much room for this lesson. Therefore, most often the partner is shown on the washing machine or bent over the bathroom. Usually, such ingenuity manifests itself in those cases when other places in the apartment are not available at this moment. It's quite another thing - sex in the shower. Morning or evening, he always gives a charge of vivacity and strength. But in domestic bathtubs you can sit comfortably with netas simply, and average shower booths do not please with your sizes, so you will have to make room.

Sex in the toilet

At home, this room is chosen only for extreme. Traditionally, toilets are used for sexual intercourse in couples in clubs or korporativah. Places here are not enough, there is nowhere to settle, but it gets the fact that at any moment people can appear in neighboring booths. But what will have to be forgotten so this is the primitive caresses and hygiene.

Sex in a public place

It can be a staircase or an entrance - a traditional sexual "aerodrome" for teenagers, a store room in the shop, a park bench, a car salon ... In other words, this is the place where outsiders can always "catch" you. True, some extreme fans are just the same and excites, euphoria is the fact that you have to have sex, at the risk of being noticed. Even in the case where the likelihood of viewers appearing is small (for example, everything happens at 2 am), there is still a risk that someone will show you. So if the partner drags you towards the bench, inclined to sex, decide immediately if you have enough courage or you will be frightened of eachshoroshoh. On the convenience of such sexual intercourse, too, do not have to say, but the adrenaline rush, as a rule, covers all the rest of the sensations.

Outdoor sex

You can use the beach to have sex, you can do it in the woods or in a cozy corner of the park. The risk that your connection will be "made public", by the way, is less than the case in the previous case. But this is only in the books "love in the bush" looks romantic. In real life, this can be far from convenient. After lying on the ground, you can easily catch cold, and this is not speaking of ticks, bites of insects and other troubles. In addition, sex in nature is actually possible in the warm season.

Thanks to modern cinema, many now want to try sex in water while bathing. In this case, you need to stop your election in shallow water, where the depth will be at least on the chest, because as a pikerorganizma you can, diving under water, drown.

Naturally, before you start the act of love in nature, make sure that no one is around. Of course, if you do not belong to exhibitionists. An important nuance is that the sex in unusual places is often spontaneous, people just forget that there are precautions. Therefore, if you have a suspicion that the end will end with sex, be sure to take condoms or other contraceptives with you. If you do not have anything with you, it makes sense to give up sex, at the very least, limit yourself to caresses.

Do I have to agree to extreme sex, if the partner insists on this, and you, honestly, are completely uncomfortable? Well, you can not in the bushes or on the floor! Of course, it's up to you to decide. Alternatively, offer your pet to get involved in a petting, and "main show" to move to a more suitable place. Or try to make the environment extremely safe and comfortable.