Serdyuchka is going to shoot in Hollywood

The most highly paid singer of Ukraine Verka Serdyuchka received an invitation from American producers to appear in a feature film, whose budget exceeds $ 100 million.

News of the upcoming Hollywood voyage legendary conductor representatives of Ukrainian show business met more than skeptical. But when the American company, which is one of the units of Warner Brothers Entertainment, sent Andrey Danilko a script of the picture and a mock-up of a contract worth almost a million dollars, all the gossip about the unreality of such an offer fell away by itself.


According to the script Verka Serduchka will have to play a singer, whose performance in the nightclub the main characters of the film get acquainted and between them flashes up love. To shoot this scene in Hollywood plan to spend 2 days.

According to Danilko himself, the script of the film was already sent to him, but because of his busy tour schedule, he had not yet finished reading it.

"Of course, it's nice to receive such an offer, especially from Hollywood," Andrey said. - But while I did not finish the script, and the question of my participation in the shootings remains open.


As for the financial part of the American proposal, then, according to a source in the producer center "Mamamyuzik", the contract was estimated at almost a million dollars. Such a rather large sum for the game of the Ukrainian artist is due to his high popularity after the performance at Eurovision. After all, it's not a secret for anyone that Andrei has successfully traveled with a tour of half of France, Germany and England.


Today, after returning from a concert in Odessa, Danilko gave the order to translate the script into Ukrainian, after which the artist will be ready to read it.

By the way, in the picture, except Verka Serduchka, and Danilko's mom Inna Belokon will be removed. The singer's ballet is also involved in the script.

Now the managers of the artist are waiting for Andrei's principal answer - whether he will be in the film or not. In case of a positive decision, they will take up a new way to build the singer's tour schedule in order to find free time for filming and flying.