Sixth Sense

Humor is rightly called the sixth sense, inherent only to man. It helps us to endure troubles more easily and to enjoy life more. But sometimes it literally plays with us a cruel joke. It happens that a person appears in life, whose jokes are painfully hurt, offended and angry. This is repeated and repeated, and it is very difficult to find a way out of the situation - everyone knows that it is foolish to take offense at jokes, but also to suffer no strength. What should I do? How to subdue the joker?

Mental acupuncture.
Think of exactly what jokes take you off balance. Perhaps, you react so sharply precisely because these jokes fall into the most painful point. Confess - you have a hidden problem that literally hurts every time you accidentally press it. For example, you strongly doubt about your appearance. Will you take an innocent joke about your face, really like a joke or will you see a direct insult in this? Sometimes people with a smile say only: "You're just a copy of Mom!", And you hear: "small eyes, thick cheeks, wrinkles near the eyes." Such experiences are peculiar to teenagers, but if you have outgrown the puberty for a long time, it is worthwhile to think whether your reactions are normal.
Try to solve the problem cardinally to a stylist. Let him change you completely - from the hair and makeup to the wardrobe and manner of moving. Most likely, the new you like yourself more. Do not be afraid to build funny faces to friends, laugh at jokes with them and do not take offense at bullshit.
If all this has not helped, hurry to turn to a psychologist, otherwise you risk staying with your complexes until old age, and in fact with age we do not get prettier. Inevitable wrinkles and other changes in the future can pretty spoil life, if not destroy the problem at the root.

Borders of influence.
We live, we communicate, we get ourselves a certain circle of friends, friends, colleagues. These are people with whom we feel more or less comfortable, whose actions can be predicted. With confidence, we can say that with many of them we are on the same wave and perfectly understand each other, despite minor quarrels.
But it happens that someone in this narrow, habitual circle breaks in completely different from you. A sort of elephant in a china shop. It can be a strange friend of someone you know, a completely unfamiliar person on the street, a driver in a minibus, a messenger in the office. He allows himself dubious jokes, which in your circle are considered simply indecent.
The only way out of this situation is not paying attention. It's a stranger who is just not like you. He may not be bad at all, but simply ill-mannered, slightly stupid, or with a disgusting sense of humor. Such people will one way or another appear in your life, but these are random people who should not have too much influence on your inner world.

In order not to look like a white crow among laughing and constantly letting jokes friends, train your sense of humor. Read anecdotes that make you smile, watch the reaction of other people to jokes in their direction. You will see that not all are offended and, maybe, to hear a joke in their address - it's not so bad? If you notice that they are joking about you for the same reason, do not rush into despair. Just change the circle of communication, see how completely different people will react to you. If then, what colleagues laughed at, friends do not notice, it means that the problem is most likely not.
Sometimes people choose an object for ridicule, from jokes there is not much left, real baiting begins. Do not be a victim. The best solution is to leave such a company. If for some reason this is not possible, give a worthy rebuff. Be ridiculous in their address, but do not descend to insults. Your light sense of humor will necessarily win any attempts to put you in an awkward position.

Humor is a fine line between laughter and tears. One and the same joke can cause different people to cry from laughter or from grief. Try to learn not to take jokes to heart, learn to joke yourself. If the joke in someone's mouth sounds like an attempt to offend, just ignore this person or answer absolutely seriously. Anyway, with humor our life is much more interesting and more fun than without it.