Sotuar - jewelry trend-2017: how to wear properly

Spring promises to be bright - the designers have expanded the line of fashion jewelry, relevant in this season. In addition to chokers and pendants, the list of must have got sotuaries. The multi-row long necklace is a recognizable symbol of the reckless 30's: the ladies casually tossed it over their shoulders, twisted their wrists, or even completely framed them with a deep neckline of the dress on their backs. How to choose a sotuar and what to wear it for now? Couturiers offer three stylish options.

Sotoir in the spirit of the 30's: exquisite classics

Colorful sotuar + bright outfit. This trend - the most extravagant, but it can not be denied the effectiveness. Large ornaments with massive pendants decorated with gems, surprisingly in harmony with the colorful color scheme of outfits. The secret is in clever combinations of shades: the flickering of the inlaid encrustations on the necklace should echo the soft overflows on the fabrics.

Rainbow Rainbow: Chanel S / S Collection 2017

Black and white ensemble. Monochrome images - at the peak of popularity: elegant sotuaries will make excellent sets with laconic blouses, tops and T-shirts. Necklaces of agate and milk pearls with geometric dies and silver elements are an excellent choice for everyday use.

Monochrome necklaces - the refined detail of everyday images

Fantasy sotuaries + kezhual-outfits. The necklace is no longer an attribute of exclusively evening fashion, but now it can be worn with turtlenecks, dresses, jackets and leather jackets. The assortment of jewelry novelties and bijouterie in collections-2017 is great - from exquisite necklaces with rhinestones Balenciaga to ironic plastic chains Givenchy and hippies-amulets Loewe.

Outrageous necklaces from Balenciaga, Givenchy, Fendi