Svetlana Bondarchuk frightened subscribers with a figure in a swimsuit

Again Svetlana Bondarchuk provokes a scandal in her microblogging, posting candid photos there. After a divorce from her husband Svetlana never ceases to amaze the subscribers of Instagram. The life of a free beautiful woman has turned into a real holiday.

Representatives of the Russian bohemia constantly gather in Svetlana's apartment for the Patriarchs. Among the guests of ex-wife Fyodor Bondarchuk you can meet Rezo Gigineishvili, Renata Litvinov, Zemfira, young filmmakers, designers, actors, artists.

The house of Svetlana Bondarchuk resembles a kind of home of the underground from the 80's with modern elements of glamor.

The same 49-year-old model twisted the affair with a young photographer whose pictures appear regularly in her blog.

Svetlana Bondarchuk is criticized from time to time for behavior that does not correspond to her age at all. Of course, for 49 years, the figure and body of a secular lioness, who has twice her grandmother, is perfectly preserved, she can be envied by 30-year-old women.

I must say that Svetlana very carefully monitors her appearance. A woman regularly disappears in beauty salons and SPA.

Blatant photo of Svetlana Bondarchuk caused a flurry of criticism in Instagram

Now Svetlana Bondarchuk, along with her boyfriend and girlfriends, is resting in Bali. It is noteworthy that this winter a huge number of Russian stars went to Indonesia.

In Instagram Bondarchuk every day there are photos from the rest. At the same time, the woman provokes subscribers, placing rather frank pictures. So, a week ago, Svetlana posted a photo in a dress through which her breast shines through.

And today in the Instagram Svetlana Bondarchuk appeared her new photo in a swimsuit. The picture is made in two versions - black and white and color.

In the discussions, candid photos of Bondarchuk caused a scandal. Fallovers believe that the body of a 49-year-old woman is time to hide, because the age changes are too noticeable:
galinakhorikova The horror! It is no longer necessary to spread this
kovova_diana Rusk age ☹ all young ...
yagudina5555 Wretched, unhappy, ugly, old - that's for such emotions you expose yourself, calm down already, it's time to deal with children and grandchildren
ttifini look pathetic, abandoned. Many at this age have something to show.
vlasova3024 Lived lived now started exhibiting ... for him? And he is exposed on the other! Svetlana read your passport .. well, a lot of you "exposed" issue an injured woman
brow_doctor_ Such a photo .. only the doctor can be in the folder with the history of the disease ... I'm not saying offense ... but leave for yourself such photos ... why expose
natalia_kirillovs In 50 years, why naked to go?