The influence of cell phones on the human body

For more than one year, there have been controversies on the subject of cell phones. There are such questions as: are they dangerous, can they lead to any diseases? Various studies and experiments are conducted, assumptions are different. But so far no more or less intelligible and clear answer is given neither by the luminary of science, nor by the doctor of medical sciences, nor by the phone manufacturers themselves. Some experts argue that the influence of cell phones on the human body is no more than any of the appliances, while others say that phones are the cause of serious illnesses.

The fact is that many of the people communicate by mobile phone more than a few hours a day, at any time. Some representatives of medicine and scientists with all seriousness declare that cellular represent a danger to the health of the human body, especially children.

So, what kind of harm can an ordinary mobile phone cause? It emits electromagnetic energy in order to have a connection with the base station, and our brain absorbs a significant part of this energy. Specialists in radiobiology believe that in this case the brain plays the role of an antenna. Already today it becomes clear that people who do not part with mobile communications are part of a certain risk group. Especially it concerns children.

How often do we buy children a cell phone, not only for communication, but also with a variety of very diverse functions, such as the Internet, music, games! But the child's brain is more susceptible to radio emission than the brain of an adult. Also, children bring the mobile closer to the ear, literally pressing it to the ear, and consequently, they, in comparison with adults, receive much more energy emitted by the cell phone.

Many experts are sure that the impact on the baby's body of a mobile phone is simply catastrophic. So, they believe that it is impossible to use mobile children permanently, because they have negative changes in the cellular structure of the brain, as a result of which the attention decreases and dissipates, memory and mental abilities deteriorate, nervousness and sleep disturbances, as well as a tendency to stress, anxiety , epileptic reactions.

Experts have compiled a list of diseases that are possible in their development because of the frequent use of mobile phones. These are serious and dangerous diseases, such as depression of varying severity, Alzheimer's disease, acquired dementia, various brain tumors, schizophrenia and other destructive processes. The likelihood of the disease increases if children use the phone from 5 to 10 years.

Both doctors and scientists suggest finding a worthy compromise, since cell phones have firmly entered our life. They propose that in developing the cellular manufacturers take into account the data of medicine and biology, come up with the development of mobile, so that the child was provided with technical protection, and also that it could be applied in a sparing mode.

To reduce the harmful effects of cellular phones on the human body can and independently. We can not abandon this necessary device, and therefore it is necessary to learn at least to minimize the time of the communication session. Forget about the long discussions on the phone. Also you can choose the most expensive tariff plan, and therefore, involuntarily, will shorten the talk time.

When buying a mobile phone, pay attention to the radiation level of the phone and choose the minimum. Some experts say that folding phones and telephones with a built-in antenna emit fewer radio waves, and therefore are less dangerous to health than telephone sets with an outdoor antenna.

To reduce the volume of radiation, use the headset. At the same time, put the phone in the pocket of a bag or outerwear. In the car you can install an external antenna - and the connection will improve, and the irradiation will decrease.

Where it is difficult to establish a connection or where it is bad, it is better not to talk on the phone. The phone in such cases tries to find the base station and fights with interference, amplifies its signal power, and therefore the brain is exposed to even more radiation than usual. Also, when establishing a connection, the radiation reaches the maximum peak, do not hold the telephone at that moment close to your ear.

To small children it is generally not recommended to give in hands to honeycomb tubes, and to children of 5-8 years give the phone on a minimum and constantly supervise. The skull of children is much thinner than that of adults, the brain grows and constantly develops, actively absorbing all the influences from the surrounding world.

Teach yourself to turn off the mobile at night, of course, unless you are, of course, a person with a certain profession who constantly needs a phone at hand. The mobile device in sleep mode disturbs the sleep phase. Do not hold the phone close to your head, rather leave it on the nightstand or desk.

In order to be sure of maximum security of the phone, buy cellular GSM standard - this will be the most optimal option. Gradually, all new and new safe models are being developed, and therefore only the right choice of reasonable use of the phone depends on you.