The main rules of flirting with the boss

Today, many unmarried or unhappy women in marriage spend more than half of their time in the office. Flirting with colleagues is a protection against loneliness for them. With frequent daily communication at work, modern men and women are even forced to flirt.
Today, this is an acceptable manner of communication between a man and a woman. Flirtation facilitates communication between office workers of both sexes. It is almost inevitable, since an independent self-confident woman already stands out among others. And this is the initial stage of flirting.

I would like to elaborate more on such a fairly common phenomenon today as flirting with the boss. A woman has the right to flirt with any office employee. It is important that she distinguishes between flirting and banal flirting. Especially if she flirts with her boss. Often this ends pitifully due to the fact that the subordinate attention of the boss regards as the beginning of something pure and bright. And then there are likely different versions of the development of events. From the happiest to the trivial.
And therefore it is important to remember the main rules of flirting with the boss. I will elaborate on them further.

So, the main rules of flirting with the boss are:

First . To attract the attention of the boss you need to be a strong, energetic, self-sufficient woman, a flirtation with which he will enjoy. And do not pretend to be the only one with whom it will be interesting and good for him not to try to tie him to himself and infringe his freedom.

The second . It is necessary to keep the necessary distance between the commander and the subordinate. Not allowing rapprochement. Be ready to resist his courtship. Your flirtation should be easy and non-binding and does not imply any continuation in the aftermath. No man will tolerate the infringement of his freedom on the part of a stranger to him. Remember: you are colleagues at work. No more.

Third . You have to be patient, seasoned, do not take offense at the boss on trifles, be angry with him, in a bad mood, avoid his company. Remember, he is primarily your leader and only then a man. Sincerely be interested in the opinion of his opinion, be a good listener, do not interrupt him.

The fourth . You can not be too serious, stubborn, do not insist on your own opinions on production issues, proving that it is the only true one. It must be remembered that besides you there are other subordinates who may have opinions that differ from your point of view. And the boss can listen to them or draw some conclusions from the situation.

Fifth . You can not allow yourself to be caught unawares under any circumstances. For a boss you should always have a smile and a joke in reserve, even if you have been fined.

The sixth . You must appreciate the trust of the leader. And do not forget that flirting with the boss is not the reason for showing off to your colleagues with your secret knowledge, entrusted to you either by production necessity or in moments of weakness.

The rules of flirting are unacceptable to forget or neglect. It is necessary to remember flirting with the boss - it's just a game. A game that does not bind you to anything. A game that helps the production process, the relaxation of the atmosphere within the collective. A game that, if not flirtatious, will bring you such tangible results as respect and acceptance of the boss.

And on the contrary, the loss of control over the situation at the flirtation threatens the loss of work in the last resort, and at least gossip and the collapse of your reputation.