The most famous brands of clothing: history

Many of the most famous companies for sewing fashionable clothes have made clothes under their label branded and recognizable all over the world. All these brands have an excellent reputation in the world of fashion and style. Their clothing lines are sold in the most fashionable boutiques in all corners of the planet. It is with these trademarks of exquisite and inimitable outfits that we want to introduce you today. So, our theme today: "The most famous brands of clothing: the history of their appearance and creation."

Ironically, many brands from our list have long been heard in the world of fashion. And the famous people have long included these clothes in their exquisite image. And thanks to this, these clothing brands make them the most stylish, fashionable, beautiful and, most importantly, help express their inner world and personality. In order to bring you closer to the stylish and star of life, let's touch upon the most famous brands of clothing: the history of their creation.

"Max Azria."

The crazy fashion house "Max Azria" in the world fashion market has been around for 15 years. Over this time, he entered more than once in the list of "the best branded outfits." This American brand is famous for the release of clothing, shoes and exquisite accessories, perfume fragrances. Evening dresses from Max Azria are worn by such famous Hollywood divas as Madonna, Sharon Stone, Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton, Drew Barrymore and Uma Thurman. The history of the foundation of the fashion house "Max Azria" dates back to 1989. The name to the brand itself, the wife of Max Azria, Lyubov Matsievskaya, came up with, calling it after her husband. At the present time, the company is constantly expanding, winning more countries. The main idea of ​​this brand is bright and interesting outfits for real women.


The trade brand "Lakost" is recognized as one of the most elite and exquisite brands of clothes for every day. The beginning of this brand has been taking since 1933. René Lacoste, the famous tennis player, opened his clothing production line, and to tell the whole world about it, he went to tennis tournaments in clothes that were sewn according to his sketches. After a while, together with the owner of the garment factory Andre Zhilje, Lakost released a line of knitted shirts for sports and recreation. The highlight of this clothing was the logo, which depicts a crocodile. It is this crocodile that is the symbol of this brand, to this day. For today, this brand produces everyday women's, men's clothes and unique perfumes. Clothing "Lacoste" includes not only style, quality and luxury, individual tailoring details, but also comfort.

"Diana von Furstenberg."

The story of Dianna von Furstenberg , which brought this brand to the fashion world, began with the royal wedding of the Australian prince. His wife, who did not want to hang out from the rich husband financially, in 1973, according to her design sketch, released a dress, which was the beginning of the history of the brand. For today, "Diana von Furstenberg" is a famous brand in the world of exquisite, stylish and aesthetically unmistakeable dresses.

The Jimbori.

"Jimbori" is a brand family company whose main goal is to create a unique clothing line for the world's most fashion boutiques. The beginning of the history of the brand falls in 1986, when " Jimbori" released a clothing line for children, which included outfits for newborns and children under the age of 12 years. It is for babies that this brand continues to be sewn today, making them stylish and unrepeatable.

"Jus Couture."

The history of the foundation of the clothing brand "Juice Couture" begins in 1997. "Fathers" of this brand were the famous designers Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skeist-Levy. Which thanks to teamwork released a sexy, fashionable and modern clothing line. This trademark can often be seen on Hollywood stars and showcases the world's most famous boutiques. This dress feels chic, light and glamorous.

"Victoria Secret".

What can be the famous brands without the trademark "Victoria Secret", which includes a huge trading network that represents exquisite lingerie, clothing, home products and cosmetics. The first Victoria Victoria Secret brand store was opened in San Francisco, in 1977 by businessman Roy Raymond. In the 90s, this brand was recognized as the most popular and popular among women of fashion in the world. Also the peak of popularity "Victoria Secret" reached when the underwear of its production began to advertise well-known top models and Hollywood stars. After that, it became a tradition to arrange annual fashion shows of branded underwear during the Victoria Fashion Show fashion show. At the moment there are about 1000 stores in the world, where collections of underwear and clothes from this famous brand are presented.

"Michael Kors".

The brand company "Michael Kors" was founded in 1981. These clothes are always associated with such two concepts as simplicity and luxury. Elegance and refinement in tailoring each model attire give due to this brand. It's not for nothing that such stars as Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Stone and Catherine Zeta-Jones are very fond of appearing on secular events in the outfits from Michael Kors . In addition to clothing, the brand produces a huge selection of exquisite and fashionable accessories, clothes for sports, business suits and simply chic evening dresses.


"Beibe" is the world-famous American brand of clothing, which appeared in 1976. Its founder was Manny Mashuf, who opened his first store in San Francisco to sell clothes under this name. This brand is known for its clothing line for women aged 21 to 35 years, which includes elegant and elegant dresses, blouses, suits, skirts. Famous customers of this brand of clothing are: Paris Hilton, Alicia Keys, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez, but Misha Barton became the main advertising face of this clothing line.

"Ralph Lauren."

The history of the well-known brand "Ralph Lauren" began in 1967, when Ralph Lauren himself, along with his brother, took a loan from a bank and built a factory to make clothes for this money. Initially, this brand was called "Polo Fashion". In 1968, the brothers showed the world their first line of clothing for men, and in 1970, in New York, the world saw their first collection of women's clothing. After that, the first boutiques were opened all over America. Today, the Ralph Lauren brand is popular all over the world, both among men and women.

That's what brands look like and the history of their occurrence. Of course, this list can be continued indefinitely, but we will not do this, but simply say that all these fashion legislators have contributed to her world, and each of them turned out to be individual and unique.