The process of applying permanent make-up

Thanks to modern cosmetic technologies, you can get a permanent tattoo, or makeup, that will stay on your face for more than one year. The process of applying permanent make-up takes a significant part of the time and is done by a master in a special salon.

Permanent make-up (tattoo)

Permanent makeup is a pattern on the skin, which is obtained by applying a depth of 0.3-0.8 millimeters of a special coloring substance (or pigment) under the skin. With this make-up, you can easily give your lips an ideal contour, a bright shade. Also, using this method of applying make-up, you can draw along the line of eyelash growth delicious arrows, the skin of the eyelids complement with a colored pigment. Plus, he perfectly adjusts the shape of the eyebrows and masks the negative skin flaws. During the process of applying permanent make-up, only natural, organic dyes of high quality from well-known world producers are used.

Terms of permanent make-up in the field of eyelids remain at most 5-7 years, on the lips - 3-4 years. The longitude of maintaining such makeup depends on the color saturation, the application area, and the age of the woman, as well as the amount of time that the lady spends in direct sunlight, and on the frequency of the procedures associated with cleaning the face (peeling).

The process by which permanent make-up is made

The process of applying permanent tattooing, make-up involves the use of special apparatuses. These devices are equipped with needles, which during the application of make-up begin to move due to electricity. Such a procedure can carry quite the same pain. Just for this reason, the procedure for permanent make-up is usually done with the use of local anesthesia. In the end result, when the procedure is completed, a specialist must necessarily lubricate the treated area with a special cream. This cream has a bactericidal effect and instantly reduces the level of inflammation, redness and irritation of the skin.

The main technique for applying permanent make-up differs from different parts of the body. For example, when tattooing eyebrows are applied thin strokes that resemble natural hairs. Also, when using eyebrows make-up, a continuous, slightly blurred line is used, which gives the visual sensation of a shaded eyebrow pencil. The outline of the eyes is usually emphasized with the help of a thin line, which is carried out between own eyelashes or makes small arrows, by which the shape of the eye is modeled.

With permanent lip make-up, the principle of bulk or continuous feathering is used. Pigment fill the entire noticeable part of the lip edge or certain areas of the lips.

But despite all the advantages of this type of makeup, it is worth remembering that this procedure breaks the integrity of the skin, which requires healing. Typically, to restore the integrity of the skin after the tattoo procedure, it takes five days. Complete and final manifestation of color is performed within 28 days. Otherwise, say this period, when the skin is renewed.

After applying this kind of make-up, a special care is required behind the impact zone. On the day when the procedure was performed, it is necessary to rinse the area with clean and cool water, which will prevent the formation of a thick crust. If the crust has already formed, do not remove it, just anoint it with a moisturizing cream. Starting from the second day, the use of funds for the rapid restoration of the skin is recommended. They are applied 3-4 times a day, in a small layer and held for 10-15 minutes.

Thanks to the same cosmetology, it is always possible to make a color correction (to brighten or darken the coloring matter). If the color has lost its brightness, you can always repeat the procedure for its revitalization.

And finally, permanent make-up goes to almost everyone, but if you have problem skin, you need to consult a dermatologist. By the way, at the time of menstruation, it is also not recommended to expose yourself to the process of applying permanent tattooing.