The rules of beauty Audrey Tautou: as always stay slim and stylish

The system of losing weight to Audrey Tautou is extremely attractive - the thing is that it does not exist. The icon of French cinema and the owner of one of the most elegant figures of Hollywood does not like diets, harsh training, hours of spa procedures and assures: the secrets of her care of herself are simple and accessible to any woman.

Drink enough water - it saturates the skin with moisture, preserves its youth and elasticity. If you forget about drinking mode - put signals on the phone and hang out stickers with reminders on the house. Can not force yourself to drink the fifth glass in the account? Slightly change the taste of water, adding to it a couple drops of lemon or lime, a few pinch of cinnamon or a spoonful of honey.

Prepare interesting dishes, experiment with the usual recipes. The goal is new tastes, emotions and impressions of food. Satisfying the craving for a variety of tastes, you will get rid of food addiction and excessive craving for harmful products. And if you still want a dessert or a glass of beer - allow yourself a small portion: pleasure will bring greater benefit to the body than prohibition.

Be moderate and legible in everything: in food, make-up, training, clothes, accessories. Accustom yourself to a fractional diet and a simple daily warm-up - so your figure will be slender without much effort. Try to get by with a minimum of make-up, thoroughly cleanse your skin every evening and take a cool shower: these measures will allow you to stay young for a long time and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Moisturizing or nourishing cream for the night - an obligatory stage of self-care: use products with phytoextracts and hyaluronic acid.