Ways to get rid of stress

How can you protect your psyche and yourself from the annoying factors of a big city? So I want to scream at my beloved child who managed to sprinkle an expensive and beloved powder around the carpet, on a citizen who leaned on you, and besides, he tramples on your feet, I want to scream at the saleswoman who, during working hours, cute on the phone, and the line ends on the street. How to overcome the indignation and in this situation to profit for yourself?

Causes of stress

The causes of stress are:

Women are more likely to be stressed than men. Women try to remove their stress by knitting, and men are removed by drinking. The same number of women and men relieve stress, playing with children. Also, women drink tablets, make flowers, eat, cook, chat on the phone, take a bath or read books.

Stress is when the body reacts to irritation. When stress occurs, there is an excess of energy. The pulse and heart rate increase, muscles tensify. The organism needs to splash out the "charge" that has accumulated in it. To the energy does not destroy the body, you should calm down and direct energy into a positive channel.

Ways, how not to hurt yourself, discharge and relax

A cup of tea
Everyone chooses a drink according to their taste, because there are a lot of varieties of tea. Tea calms the nerves and can cheer. So, tea mate helps the body to recover after physical exertion, has its invigorating effect and tones up the body; Ginger tea gives vivacity, relieves fatigue, and green tea helps with depressive conditions, strengthens the nervous system, raises mindfulness, improves memory.

Substances containing in bananas, produces serotonin, which is called the hormone of joy, they cause a sense of calmness and well-being, improve mood. Some women are seized by stress and a bad mood. Do not need to do this, just imagine for a moment, what will happen in a month with your figure?

Sport activities
Sign in the gym or in the section of the game sport, for example, volleyball. After a while you will see how the figure will change and you will become more balanced. And if you do not have time to go in for sports, then in a moment of increased stress, gild your favorite site, go to the dacha, do household chores - cleaning, washing.

You can not sleep well, nor love well, nor think well if a person has eaten poorly. Have a candle light dinner at home or sit with your other half in a restaurant. A glass of wine, delicious food, for a beautifully laid table help to forget about troubles.

Try to get distracted if you are hit by a kilometer traffic jam, a queue at a bank or a supermarket. All the same irritation does not accelerate the cashier's work, and in the meantime, you will have time to think that you can cook for dinner. If you feel jammed with nervous tension, take a rubber soft ball and try to knead it, this will help relax the muscles.

Confidence and tranquility are guaranteed to those who kiss. A passionate, sweet kiss evokes a feeling of satisfaction and joy. There is another nice way that will help relieve stress - sex. In addition to the "hormone of joy," sex provides you with physical relaxation. Then you will not have the strength to take offense and annoyance. In addition, a loved one will not refuse you a pleasant "treatment".