Test: What kind of mental disorder do you have?

This test Lopold Sondi is aimed at identifying the rudiments of mental illness. In this way, the Hungarian psychiatrist revealed deep impulses, which are hidden under a lot of superstructures of a person's personality. He defined latent (hidden) sadists, maniacs, schizophrenics, etc. In the essence of the test lies Sondi's assumption that those qualities of our nature that are most hated, we tend to project onto the people around us.

We will discuss, the material presented by us is only one part of a large test, consisting of 6 collections, each of which includes 8 photos. So do not take seriously the results you get. Our article is informational and entertaining, and in no case claims a psychiatric conclusion.

Test task

Look at the faces of the 8 people presented in the photo. Choose the person who irritates you the most, frightens or repels. For a long time do not think, give preference to the first impulse. Now look at the characteristics of the test.


1. The sadist. In the subconscious, you humiliate others and treat them cruelly. You are characterized by a desire for domination and authoritarianism. 2. Epileptic. Characteristic features of this type: impulsiveness, irritability, sudden outbursts of anger and aggression. 3. Catatonic. You have a strong stimulation of the imagination, so it becomes sick. If you do not suppress this process, then you lose touch with reality. 4. The schizophrenic. Characteristic of this type: secrecy and closure, indifference to people and fear of mentally distracting from reality. 5. Hysterical. You inherent superficiality in judgments and views on life, emotional instability, narcissism and exhibitionism. 6. Depressive person. Low self-esteem, an inferiority complex and a sense of guilt - these are the features of this type. 7. The maniac. You are an exalted person, extrovert and mystic, you tend to overestimate yourself and letting money go to the wind. 8. Dissociative personality disorder. There are two or more personalities in you. You had or have problems with self-determination.