What is cosmetic facial massage required for?

Features of cosmetic facial massage. Indication and Technique of Execution
Modern cosmetology offers to our attention a huge number of various procedures and cosmetics for skin care. Of course, there are methods that give an amazing result, but, unfortunately, they are very expensive. How then do not make a mistake in a more economical way of fighting for beauty? And the answer is really simple, and besides it does not require you to have a single ruble and lots of time. We suggest you use the technique of cosmetic massage, thanks to which you can look much younger than your years. Read more about how this miracle method works on the face and neck and how to do it, read below.

What is useful for cosmetic massage of the face and neck?

This procedure is quite simple, it does not take a lot of time, but the effect of it is simply wonderful. Cosmetic massage can be divided into two categories: hygienic and plastic massage. The first option is stroking, kneading and rubbing the skin. Thanks to these manipulations, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage improves, and this, in turn, contributes to the nutrition of the epidermis, the removal of toxins, the production of its own collagen. Due to this, the skin of the face and neck become more elastic, refreshed, the work of the sebaceous glands normalizes, which is so necessary for a healthy and clean face.

Plastic massage can be called a more radical method in the struggle for youth and beauty. The essence of it is that the skin is pressed into the fingers and pushy movements. This massage technique is somewhat similar to the Japanese version of Shizau, which also perfectly rejuvenates at the first signs of aging. Plastic facial massaging can eliminate small mimic and age wrinkles, tighten and improve the shape of the face. The movements that are applicable in this cosmetic massage, activate the flow of blood in the muscles, due to which the face oval becomes more youthful. This procedure is recommended to be performed after 25 years, that is, after the appearance of the first wrinkles.

Technique of performing cosmetic massages + video

First, let's look at hygienic massage, which is suitable for people whose skin has not yet known clear signs of aging.

So, the massaged should take the prone position. The hair should be tucked in the tail or under the kerchief. On the face and neck, we apply either a moisturizing cream or an aromatic oil (sandalwood, bergamot, ylang-ylang). The hands of the masseur must be warm.

Massing movements should be smooth, not much pressing. You can work with palms and palms. We begin the procedure with nasolabial folds, gradually sinking to the neck. From the neck, we rise again.

After 5-7 minutes of massing this area, you can proceed to the frontal part. With the same movements we begin to knead the forehead and whiskey. This zone should be given about 5-10 minutes.

Plastic massage is performed in a slightly different way, although the preparation is similar to the previous version (lying down position, hair is tidied up, the use of cream or oil).

So, by light pulsating movements of three fingers (index, middle and anonymous) we press the skin in the frontal part and temples, special attention is given to the area between the eyebrows. After pressing, there should be a slight redness - this will indicate that the blood began to saturate the muscles and deep layers of the epidermis.

In the eye area, tapping should be used. And, the movement should go from the inner corner of the eye to the outside.

The same massage is carried out around the circular muscle of the mouth, cheeks, chin and neck.

The total duration of the session is 15-20 minutes.

Cosmetic massage can be easily performed at home without spending a hike to a cosmetologist. Regularity of sessions is a pledge of well-groomed skin and the continuation of youth.

You can visually look at this technique of execution in this video: