What kind of animal can I have at home?

To the house was really warm and cozy, it is desirable to get at least some little animal. But do not forget that we are responsible for those who have tamed. Therefore, a pet should be liked by every member of the family, and care for it should also be correct. But what kind of animal can I have at home? Who could it be - a clever little mouse, a phlegmatic cat or a good-natured dog? ..

When choosing a pet, you should think about what you want from it, and what efforts the contents of this animal will require of you. The most unpretentious are aquarium fish. But, nevertheless, they also require some care. Periodically you will have to clean the aquarium, monitor its inhabitants and regularly feed them. For fish it is interesting to observe, the aquarium has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, but with fish you can hardly make friends ...

Turtles - these small walking boulders - also do not bring the owner any special problems (although some complain that the turtle is stamping at night, cutting circles around the room like a racing car). Feed them every few days. Perhaps the main problem in the content - do not forget about the animal by accident and do not step on it. Also it is necessary to make her a house with sand, in the winter somehow manage to create a condition for sleeping, and, walking it in the summer, carefully follow it. Naturally, turtles are dull. And what do you want from the reptiles?

With whom is it easier to establish contact? Maybe they can make a snake at home - they say, they are extremely clever ... Did you know that, for example, snakes recognize their master by heartbeat? True, this does not prevent them from hunting their master when they reach a size of over three meters, especially if the latter has not paid much attention to them. Some people are tempted by the fact that snakes should be fed not more often than once a week. But reptiles need to be fed from time to time with live food, and these are cute mice, rabbits ... If you are afraid to even think about feeding a snake to such an animal - you can start a house of its own, that is, a rodent.

Manual small rodents are unattractive, but amusing enough. The most good-natured of them, perhaps, are hamsters and guinea pigs. The indigenous people of Peru, guinea pigs once served as food for the Indians. They were kept in special pens, and now the living conditions for them can be called a real paradise. Eat both guinea pigs and hamsters all that they see, but are prone to obesity. In addition, be prepared for a specific smell in the apartment. True, it can be reduced if you castrate an animal and, of course, regularly clean the cage. Rats in the content are similar to guinea pigs. If you are not afraid of their bare tail and slightly damaged by plague reputation, then you know: the rat is a beautiful pet animal. They are very smart, quickly get attached to people. Generally, rodents are very intelligent, contact and can accompany the host, sitting on his shoulder. They are able to learn, to distinguish between human speech and make independent decisions.

But the most intelligent animals in the house can rightly be called dogs and cats. The difference is that for cats you will hardly ever become an authority. Cats most of all in the world appreciate independence. They do not have to walk, they can not leave their apartments all their lives. But do not forget, especially if you are allergic, that there are a lot of wool from the cats in the house, and furry cats need to be combed regularly. If you still decided that it is the cat that should become a member of your family, first of all you need to decide on the breed (more than 57 are registered in the world standard). After all, the breed assumes not only the appearance of these beautiful animals, but even their character. Phlegmatic Persians sharply differ from curious Siamese.

Many people dream of keeping the most devoted animal to a dog - a dog. There is even an opinion that dog owners live longer because of a kind of "dog psychotherapy". But our loyal friends also require attention and loyalty. Therefore, before you have a dog, ask yourself: what will I do with it? Is it enough for me, for example, to keep the pit bull in the hedgehogs, to tolerate the infatuity of the collie, to pluck the wool from the Airedale, or to remove the spit of St. Bernard hanging all over the apartment and on my own face? And certainly, twenty times to think before you start a dog at the request of your beloved child. The child can not fully and fully understand the entire degree of responsibility. For a dog, it is important to have a real host. Dogs should be taken for walks, fed, and for large breeds, feeding is a separate expense item. You must seriously think where you will leave the dog for the time of family vacation ...

But, if you cope with the question of what kind of animal you can get at home, then the reward will be a new member of the family - a loving, faithful, though four-legged and tailed.